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In Topic: Rights Regarding Submitted Work

22 June 2014 - 12:58 PM

Ok, thanks Hodgeman. I think I know what I need to do next.


Im going to go ahead and get contributor agreements whipped up and signed by the team. I still aim to have these guys properly accredited for the work they spent their personal time to contribute. Its just that I always keep drama out of this. And so far I've kept my vow on that. And am just wanting to ensure it stays that way before we get any closer to release time.


Really wanna keep down the unwanted "surprises". Thanks again!

In Topic: PhyerNet Online!

28 December 2008 - 11:56 AM

I made no assumptions, merely read the information provided.
There is no need to overreact to a bit of friendly advice.
This is a discussion forum, so by posting an announcement you invite discussion, and using PMs defeats the purpose, when others may appreciate the results of said discussion.
You invited any and all questions, in your opening post.

>Swift, Im just gonna suggest that we both back up and go back to our corners. As I stated I knew you meant no harm. None was taken. But we could go back & forth over who's right who's wrong and whether your advice applies to me or not. I told you I appreciated it, a few posts back. It should have ended there. Not erupted into a "near-flame".

So, I am ending it at this point. "We agree to disagree". Point blank. Your advice and concerns ARE seriously appreciated. But just because I claim I dont need the advice. It does not mean I am taking offense or rubbing it into dirt. Im merely correcting you on the comment made:

"What use is a bunch of storage if they don't have the necessary skills to leverage it? Or more to the point, why will they pick your service over another that offers tools for the non-programmer (wordpress, google sites, etc.)?"

Take a step back and relax. Do you not felt that maybe you might have overstepped your bounds abit? Just because its not mentioned. That does'nt mean its not there. Not EVERY salesman reveals everything in their bag. Then again, if that is my shortfall. I'll adjust and pick it up from there. But the idea is to "entice" the potential clientele into "shopping around". And then POSSIBLY making a purchase. Theres rhymes & reasons for everyone's methods. And theres NEVER a right way of doing things. Its all a "gamble". But that's my view.

And for the record. Discussion board or not. In the end. Did I ask for advice? Not that I recall. I just made an announcement and merely offered an open door for "inquiries" regarding the service. Which even you have to admit when you look back. You really didn't make any. Just gave out what has to be pretty sound advice that unfortunately, I cant use and that ultimately. I never asked for.

But, if you wish to carry this on and have the final word. Go ahead. I have a business to run. And this is not going to help me in the slightest to get it moving.

Thank You

In Topic: PhyerNet Online!

28 December 2008 - 04:29 AM

Just be sure that your calculations are correct - with a gigabyte of storage space, it isn't hard to use a terrabyte of bandwidth (particularly with video).

>I know what you mean. But as stated before: "That issue does not effect us".

I am with you there, but just as I have no talent at composing music, or modelling/animation, many of the composers, modellers and animators I am acquainted with, have no talent at coding websites. What use is a bunch of storage if they don't have the necessary skills to leverage it? Or more to the point, why will they pick your service over another that offers tools for the non-programmer (wordpress, google sites, etc.)?[/quote]

>Well, see thats the "issue" we have here. You kinda made an "assumption" that we DIDN'T have any sort of setup for folks like this. After all, I am an illustrator as well. So, I know what you're getting at. As my html skills are pretty weak too. Just like many others. But, as I mentioned: we have something for them. So, this is not something that was merely "overlooked". It was planned for.

Honestly, swift...

I know you mean well and its pretty good that you seemed "concerned" to share any information/ideas you have. But, this is coming to a point of where you are making "assumptions" on things without at least considering that "hmm, maybe these guys are running it this way for a reason" or "maybe they been at this for a few years & are not strangers to it". Well, no harm was meant or done. Im just a bit bothered that you didn't at least consider those things before posting the comments you have.

It is as if you already KNEW how we were baking bread. Yet, never even stepped foot in the facility.

In any case like this, personally I'd PM'd the person in question just to be sure. After all, this was an "announcement posting", Not a c+c thread. So, ideas & suggestions were not sought after. Just the idea of putting the word out. But, this does not mean I dont care for ideas & suggestions. It just means that I am particular about which ones to deal with. "What works for some does not work for all" should come to mind.

And last, theres a time & place for everything. This post was not intended as such. Thats why I mentioned in the original post. If anyone has any questions(which included comments*) to just contact me. For this way they would have actual answers before having to fall back on assumptions.

In Topic: PhyerNet Online!

27 December 2008 - 12:47 PM

Original post by swiftcoder
Visual Mind, Written Mind, Logical Mind, Sound Mind
That last should really be 'Aural Mind' - sound as an adjective is the opposite of infirm [smile]

>Heh, yeah we thought about that. But to be honest its fine as is.

I am a little concerned (for your sake) that you are charging for storage, rather than bandwidth. Storage is ridiculously cheap these days, but bandwidth overages can add up fast - I speak from unpleasant experience.

Bandwidth is'nt an issue for us. Not as much as disk space. It was decided that charging for space and features would be more logical. Then again I am speaking based off our own experience.

Also, since you are primarily targeting artists (i.e. non-programmers), have you considered pre-installing any software to help them get a website off the ground faster and with less programming? A default installation of something like WordPress, or CMS Made Simple would let them publish a website in no time, without writing a line of code.

Uh, did you READ all of that? Im just wondering because you misunderstood something. This service caters to ALL forms of creativity. Its underlined clearly. I guess its a thing that when folks think "art" they automatically target illustration, painting or music.

No, we accept ALL forms of creative thinking. And we even deem things such as programming a "creative process".

As for anything similar to "wordpress" we are fine with what we have. But thank you for the suggestions.

In Topic: Composer/sound designer looking for a project!

07 November 2008 - 12:22 PM


Say Angus, what styles & genres are you most comfortable with?

Are you able to do Jazz or space-like trance? Any examples online?

I know its alot to ask but it usually helps your case more when you
provide a bit more about yourself & your current skills^^

"...less fuss & muss" for you.