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Phyersoft's Barricade goes ALPHA

14 June 2015 - 04:36 PM



We here at Phyersoft are opening our doors to a few lets-players & twitch streamers that would be interested in giving our upcoming game, "Barricade" a try!

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Currently the game is still in alpha. But we are allowing early access to let folks try out and sample the gameplay. We ar very interested in hearing what others outside the team have to say about this game!


So if any of you are interested. And are Twitch or Ytube streamers. Drop me a line! And I'll email you your Login invite!




Thank you! And we hope to see you all soon!

Rights Regarding Submitted Work

22 June 2014 - 04:07 AM

I swear I thought I knew the answer to this already. But I just wanted to be sure. And Google failed finding anything on it.


So, the question is. If a person willingly submits work to your server/git repo to be used towards your project. Be it art and music. Or code. Does this count as them relinquishing their rights? This became a heated debate with a member of my team. And I for some reason couldnt recall the exact specifics of it.


In his case, he's a coder submitting his code to my server's git repo. To be used in my project. Does his rights to that code end the moment the code was uploaded?


PS: No, Im not looking to screw him over(getting that out the way). I just want to be sure he cant screw the whole team over by trying to "hold the project up" by having a fit and yanking his work from up under us! Not saying he would. I just want to ensure that its something avoidable.


Thank You

PhyerNet Online!

27 December 2008 - 08:52 AM

Greetings, It gives me pleasure to FINALLY make this long awaited announcement! For the longest time. I've been trying to resurrect my own hosting service that was for a long time in a sort of "half done/half dead" state. After months of careful planning & testing. I give you, "PhyerNet"! http://www.phyer.net This is a web hosting service geared towards what we call "Creative Minds"! Other than just being a place to stick your wares. PhyerNet is also an online community. Where you can meet n' greet other artistic souls. So, if you get the chance. Swing on through and check it out! If anyone is interested. Feel free to ask me anything. Feel skeptical? Once again, feel free to go ahead and ask me anything.;) A couple of things to note: 1- The service is always in a "developmental" state regarding certain areas. But not enough to hinder it from being used. 2- This is NOT an open challenge to any other art community. All, we're bringing to the table is an "alternative" to whats already out there. No different than either wanting turkey OR ham. Thank You Phyerboss edit: My apologies. I posted this and neglected to post a "title". [Edited by - PhyerBoss on December 27, 2008 3:21:16 PM]

PhyerNet hosting...

20 September 2005 - 12:50 PM

Greetings everyone, Despite after the last few times I posted this, I decided to give it another shot since administration has cracked down on the "flammers". Our server, PhyerNet has been up and running strong for the past 4 years. Since then I have been looking to create a hosting service geared specifically towards creative, independant minds such as ourselves. True there is already a good bit of them floating around. But what would 1 more hurt, eh? So, if you are an amature or professional artist(graphic, music etc.)or developer(game or html) looking to jump in on building up a new community and getting a great hosting service in the trade. Check us out;) New services and pricing as of 01 Sept. 05: “PHREE” SERVICES CORE PACK: 100MB of web space, 150MB for personal FTP storage and one 50MB POP3 email account. –FREE- THE HUB: Live chat rooms, open 24/7. Join a current chat or create your own room! –COMING SOON- BASIC PLANS These plans come with an unlimited E-PASS EX-CORE PACK: 200MB of web space, 250MB FTP storage and one 100MB POP3 email account. Package includes 1 database(1 login account). -$5 monthly- STUDIO PACK: 300MB of web space, two 250MB FTP storage accounts, and two 100MB POP3 email accounts. Package also includes 2 databases and 1 exclusive chat room(2 login accounts). -$8 monthly- PREMIUM SERVICES All premium packages come with 1 D-PASS and an unlimited E-PASS TEAM PACK: 350MB of web space, four 250MB FTP storage accounts, and four 100MB POP3 email accounts. Package also includes 2 databases, 1 exclusive chat room(4 login accounts). -$12.75 monthly- DEVELOPER’S SUITE: 500MB of web space, 1.5GB of FTP storage and five 100MB POP3 email accounts. Package also includes 3 databases and 2 exclusive chat rooms(5 login accounts). -$18.95 monthly- OTHER SERVICES WEB WAREHOUSE: Small scale online storage for remote linking. –COMING SOON- PHYER DRIVE: Large scale FTP storage. -1.5GB $5.95 monthly or 3GB $11 monthly- D-PASS: A one time fee to transfer a domain to PHYERNET. -$10 for the 1st domain, $8.50 for any additional- E-PASS: A small fee for retailing any merchandise or services through an existing “Core” account. -$2 monthly- V-PASS: Reserve a chat room with full exclusive room features! –COMING SOON - *Customers intending to apply for more than one service qualify for our “bulk rates”. A few of the many advantages of having PhyerNet as your web host: • 99.9% Guaranteed up time • Customer “reward” program • Support for Flash, PHP, Perl/CGI, Java, Python and XML • Absolutely, NO bandwidth limits! • No pop-ups or advertisement banners on a user’s site • 24/7 Tech support via, phone, email and chat! • No setup fees • 1st 30 days absolutely FREE!*(For most plans) If anyone is interested or would like to know more. Please feel free to contact me at 1-(866) 447-4937 Toll free or by email at phyeradmin@phyer.net Thank you for stopping in! PS: Pardon the way the main site looks^^...Under heavy reconstruction.

Phyerserv RELOADED

31 December 2004 - 08:01 AM

After it was pointed out about my original pricing scheme being a bit "high" on my server. I did a good deal of research and debated on what would be the best deals to offer. So, here we go... FREE SERVICES- BASIC SETUP: 50MB web space, 50MB FTP storage, 20MB email box (optional*) and 1 database- FREE *If email services are not desired, the extra 20MB can be shifted towards either web space,FTP storage, or evenly split between the two EMAIL SETUP: One 20MB email box without WEB or FTP services- FREE IRC ACCESS*: 24-7 IRC access via mIRC script- FREE NEWS SERVER*: Access to non-exclusive newsgroups hosted on Phyerserv- FREE WEB WAREHOUSE: Temporary 500MB FTP storage for 15 days - FREE *The IRC & news servers can only be accessed by specific client programs and web scripts. For more information in regards to this, contact Phyeradmin@phyer.com or read the “Accessing services” FAQ in the help section on www.phyer.net COMMERCIAL SERVICES- THE “TEAM” PACKAGE: Support for 1 domain, 200MB web space, 100MB FTP storage and four 25MB email boxes! Includes 1 database & 1 dedicated newsgroup- $10/month THE “BIG SHOT” PACKAGE: Support for up to 3 domains. 500MB web space each. One 200MB FTP storage account & three 25MB email boxes per domain. 3 databases & 3 dedicated newsgroups- $25/month OTHER SERVICES- WEB DRIVE: Permanent large scale FTP storage- 1GB 2GB $7/month or $63/year** $12/month or $117/year** ADVERTISE*: Dedicated advertising space on Phyerserv’s main pages- $5/month DOMAIN REGISTRATION*: Registering a domain to Phyerserv’s DNS- $7 one time fee NEWSGROUP SETUP*: 1 hosted newsgroup without web services- $1/bi-monthly eMERCHANT PASS*: A small monthly fee for the retailing of any merchandise or services through a “Basic setup" site- $3/month*** *Most of these services are already included with a commercial package. Thus, the fees for them are wavered. To learn which services apply with a package, contact Phyeradmin **Web Drive users that are on the “yearly” plan are entitled to the free “Data back up” option ***Non-profit organizations, charities & donations are exempt from needing the “eMerchant” pass EXTRAS- “SUPA-SIZE IT!”*: Extra storage space for web, FTP or email accounts- SPACE (MB) PRICE (monthly) WEB: 10/20/30 $.78/1/2 FTP: 10/20/30 $.55/.85/1 EMAIL: 5/10/15 $.50/.78/.90 *As of this moment, the “Supa-Size It!” options are only available for the commercial services and are added in with the main service’s monthly charges EXTRA EMAIL: An additional 25MB email box for a commercial service- $2/monthly “PLUS” DRIVE*: An extra 1GB for WEB DRIVE users- $3/monthly *The “PLUS” Drive option is only available to users that have had the Web Drive services for 2 full months Benefits of having Phyerserv as your web host: • NO setup fees. • NO bandwidth transfer limits & hidden charges. • NO pop up ads or unwanted banners on “user” sites. • Reward programs for loyal customers and those that refer others. • All users’ web sites backed up free of charge. • Support for PHP, CGI, PERL, ASP and XML. • “30-day” money back Guarantee for all commercial plans. We stand 110% behind our services and provide direct customer support 24/7 by email, chat or even phone! Contact Phyeradmin@phyer.com if interested in finding out more or PM me.