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DMD 'Ware > Next step: more realistic numbers

Posted 28 April 2015

The next step for the economic sim is using more realistic values and timescales; using actual units of measure for all the resources, inputs, and outputs, and what would be expected for a building/apparatus of such a size. Farm tiles (crop fields) will...

DMD 'Ware > States, Firms, & Households Release

Posted 18 April 2015

I'm releasing on Desura on May 17th.


Check it out if you've been following my economic RTS project. The best part is multiplayer and I hope there will be a big enough turnout of players, or at least some people play with friends. You can read how to play on the given page.

Also there's more information...

DMD 'Ware > Flickering

Posted 10 April 2015

Hello devs. I tested multiplayer with somebody but it appears there's flickering of the game world in play mode. I tested it on my laptop and on a 2007 computer and didn't notice anything. I don't know if this is actual or if the other person just went off the map or something. Can somebody try this exe and say if you have flickering?


DMD 'Ware > Isometric balance

Posted 25 March 2015

Much work later, I achieved a balance that can continue indefinitely, breaking my previous record of 79+ hours, this time without any adjustments or intervention. What does this mean? This means I have a self-stabilizing economic system. The natural mechanic of this is population control. As jobs are more plentiful, income rate goes up, and population inc...

DMD 'Ware > Economy RTS exploration

Posted 05 February 2015