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#5179958 BSP portal visibility

Posted by polyfrag on 12 September 2014 - 02:16 PM

How does a BSP compiler decide which leafs make up a cluster or 'room' and which windings make a portal?



#5162486 Why does this matrix multiplication order matter?

Posted by polyfrag on 24 June 2014 - 01:23 AM

By the way, here's what the glitch looked like. Looks cool. Looks like it's polluted. I might try to mimic that effect for a certain map.







#5159686 Game suggestions (The Doomed) << Still thinking of a name

Posted by polyfrag on 11 June 2014 - 01:15 AM

I'd join in but I'm working on an RTS. Maybe in 2 years.

Some thoughts. You'd need a server in every region players play or else it will be too laggy, and then you also need some way for the servers to communicate to keep the game world together. You'd also need a large level editing tool.

#5159682 Location, job, education

Posted by polyfrag on 11 June 2014 - 01:02 AM

How about this. You have different "technologies" or "knowledges" that your strata (group of labourers) can possess. To obtain certain knowledges (eg "refinery operation") you might require simpler knowledges. Just make some up to build a hierarchy of knowledge (eg "knowledge 5,2". Some can be obtained by experimentation and trial and error which might require money. The knowledges might slowly diffuse and rate of diffusion increases with education institutions. Being employed at a job where somebody higher up is more knowledgable also diffuses knowledge. There is also a sink as older generations die without passing on their knowledge.

#5158640 Access violating reading 0x00000C44?

Posted by polyfrag on 06 June 2014 - 02:19 AM

It disappeared... I just added an output to the log after each frame to check on the text value of that member variable, and the error is gone. I think this compiler isn't perfect.




Another thought:  What is your m_part list a list of?


I was thinking something similar. Can we see the RichText class definition?


class RichText
	list<RichTextP> m_part;
	string rawstr() const;
	int texlen() const;	//each icon counts as 1
	int rawlen() const;	//icon tags are counted
	RichText pwver() const;	//asterisk-mask password string
	RichText(const RichTextP& part);
	RichText(const RichText& original);
	RichText(const char* cstr);
	RichText& operator=(const RichText &original);
	RichText operator+(const RichText &other);
	RichText substr(int start, int length) const;
	//RichText parsetags(int* caret) const;

#5141599 Multithreaded drawing and logic

Posted by polyfrag on 23 March 2014 - 10:01 PM

I've decided that there's too many problems with multithreading, so I'm going back to single-threading. Mutex locks everywhere, not knowing if I might be missing one somewhere...

#5121833 Binary heap vs list A* - my humble performance comparison [updated with JPS]

Posted by polyfrag on 07 January 2014 - 12:33 AM

What if you combine it with jump point search?

#5113613 STL list memory leak?

Posted by polyfrag on 01 December 2013 - 07:43 PM

You are correct.

#5110362 Streaming turn-based strategy

Posted by polyfrag on 18 November 2013 - 08:15 PM

I need quick download times and can't have the whole game world downloaded each time players log in. It's a mobile game.

#5110287 Streaming turn-based strategy

Posted by polyfrag on 18 November 2013 - 02:46 PM

Any ideas on how to stream a turn-based strategy map? Need to take care of other player movements happening in client's view.

#5097817 Pixel art

Posted by polyfrag on 30 September 2013 - 07:11 AM

Pixel art allows you to totally define the game look from a certain angle. They allow an amount of detail that might not be possible with 3D models, especially on mobile platforms, or when the limit is reached on PC. 

#5088151 Corporation AI

Posted by polyfrag on 22 August 2013 - 12:00 PM

I need an algorithm that uses past prices, sales and production to adjust future prices and production. It must be subject to changing conditions.

#5080350 Virtual base-class method called instead of derived-class method

Posted by polyfrag on 25 July 2013 - 01:38 AM

Figured it out. Wasn't relaying the frameupdate(); call to child sub-widgets.

#5071733 Economics engine

Posted by polyfrag on 21 June 2013 - 03:07 AM

Stoddart Colour-Visual Dictionary.

Also, Infrastructure by Brian Hayes is pretty good for a view on how industries work, in terms of buildings and inputs/outputs.

#5069634 Economics engine

Posted by polyfrag on 13 June 2013 - 09:26 PM


I'm going to try to get States and Corporations published on Steam or Desura or something. I feel like I'm wasting my effort otherwise. I'm going to license my RTS economics engine to other people.

I'm not going to continue with the BSP/inside buildings/terrain mesh effort. I'll start working on States and Corporations now and making it non-grid based like SimCity 5. It will include multiplayer and ability to host your own persistent servers on linux.

I could take a year to release the first States and Corporations and then work on a sequel.

I hope you'll support my IndieGoGo effort. Let me know what you want to see in the game and in the engine for possible perks.

Ideas for multiple currencies: http://www.alanwood.net/unicode/currency_symbols.html

I started on a chart of the economy. You can see how massive it can get. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/109630018/economy.png

The ultimate strategy game! If I systematically balance it to the end and don't get lazy that is. You can see how I balance in my blog http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1512/entry-2256426-balancing-an-economy/ http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1512/entry-2256439-half-hour-game/ I had an idea for a balancing calculator but that could require an equation solving algorithm.

Thank you for your ongoing support.