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Local hash

23 February 2016 - 11:51 PM

Has anybody ever tried making a hash map that remaps the hash cipher key so that all previous and current hash keys map to subsequent slots? Eg, first random hash key maps to slot 0, then 1, etc.


Is 32 32-bit masks that are involved in XOR and NAND enough to map any set of 32-bit numbers to any other? Like:

o = (i << 1) | (i >> 31)
o = o ^ ~(i & m)
i = o
This would be hard to update with new keys but it could be the best localized hash. I'm writing how to do this now.
I was thinking it would work backward from the expect result, and the set of 32 32-bit mask values would be advanced to the closest one ahead that satisfies the hash keys. 
Seems kinda complicated to be practical but I'm giving it a try.

Blackhole internal space

05 November 2015 - 06:10 AM

Do blackholes have an internal space? Consider the diagram. Inside the negative space, a "bubble" of sealed space, matter is free to move.



Demand, utility curves

03 November 2015 - 01:10 AM

Considering some alternatives to having the workers mindlessly spend all their money on food because of the problems of balance.



The problem with the economic model right now is that the workers spend all their available money on food, which leads to an infinitely high, inelastic demand cruve, making sense for the firms to continuously raise the prices. I want to avoid having a separate utility function for choosing where to shop and choosing the quantity to buy.

Maybe some utility function for the value of money based on income rate, which can be put into the shopping location utility function and give the quantity. Also a utility function for work, if there's value in work itself.



But I don't want anything too complicated, and marginal utility would be heavier on the CPU. What's the most direct way to do this, from real life?

What/how to precompute

16 October 2015 - 11:17 PM

I need some ideas. And you are my infinite ocean of wisdom. This is for my retro-graphics 3D-tiled-world RTS/sim with economy. I have a 5 TB HDD and perhaps an AWS instance with 64 cores and I need to precompute something, but I have no idea what. The behaviour of the little beings might use some brute force precomputing, but I need a way to make them alive, or learning, in a way, to give them some high-level functions perhaps that have been evolved. I thought of precomputing rules for how they do their shopping and job searching, based on prices and distances (the only known things) to create a stable economy. This would be pretty difficult with brute force and non-chess like moves, but if the only decisions they're making is which job to work at now or where to shop or rest, and the low-level details like pathfinding are done by a linear subsystem, that might reduce the number of possible permutations. Let's say I have a set map with buildings on it that I use to train them, or a set of varied maps. It might still be too computationally demanding to achieve enough speed, if the units have to move and do collision detection along the way. This is why I'm for simplifying the sim to WarCraft II-like tile occupation and movement.

Using ancient visual studio 6 and XP

06 September 2015 - 08:42 PM

Following the recent discussion about Windows XP, I went ahead and installed it as my first partition. I needed to reinstall anyways because something was eating all the RAM on Win 7 and I couldn't install Kaspersky because the ZoneAlarm uninstallation was crashing and it's not compatible. I found out I had a virus from a leftover zipped executable I had compiled (HEUR.Win32.Trojan.Generic). Anyways, now that I have it installed, is there any recent attack or exploit that's been found for XP that can't be fixed with antivirus? Also, is there any inherent flaw in binaries compiled with VC6? I noticed it makes a lot smaller binaries. Also, would the steamworks libs be compatible with VC6 compilation? All my favourite games I have are compatible with XP, for now.