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Untitled > my first couple of weeks at Bizarre :)

Posted 03 February 2006

Just started work at Bizarre Creations. So far so good! I really like the place, and the job ahead looks very exciting. Liverpool's cool, really, I couldn't ask for more :) Except some money, I'm broke already! That would be cool, so I can start my biking lessons as quickly as possible and be done with it.

Been doing work on designing a network...

Untitled > Bugger...

Posted 03 January 2006

Failed my bike test. All that because of a feckin' silly mistake. I'm so PISSED OFF. FUCKING HELL! Cost me a fair amount as well. And I can't do the test again for a couple of months! GRRR... gonna have to do it in the UK, get a UK license. then come back, and do the test again in France when I'll be on holiday, and when I passed my english license....

Untitled > Sorted!

Posted 21 December 2005

After my grueling week of interviews, got a awesome job, a awesome little appartment in Liverpool, ... well, ain't life awesome!

I'm quite looking forward to the new year, things seem to be going my way for a change. Bike training going fine, and my bike-to-be is also secured. Thank you Santa! You're a pal!

Have a lovely Christmas all!

Untitled > luv' ma bike

Posted 08 December 2005

Lesson #4. Some more road practise. It's getting awesome. Feeling comfortable on the thing now, letting it rip is a real pleasure, instead of being an pant-soiling scary experience, and I've worked hard on the slow part, get some feeling going, dropped the bike again, but it's almost there. Slalom is easy, I need to get more rythm. All in all...

Untitled > King of the Road!

Posted 06 December 2005

Goddamnit. I'm pretty certain my instructor wants to kill me dead. I don't know what I did to him. Two lesson, I'm barely able to stay on the machine, and then I HAVE to drive on the road. That, and he keeps offering me cigarettes like there is no tomorrow for me.

Well, it wasn't as bad as planned. I managed to get to the track in one...