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In Topic: Feedback on new Business Card

23 September 2016 - 12:51 PM

Oooh I like that. And Owner might be good too, still makes it a point without the pretentiousness.

As for Creative Designer - as opposed to pure gameplay or tech designer ;) It's an actual position title from looking at various studios and where my heart lies in.

In Topic: Feedback on new Business Card

22 September 2016 - 03:02 PM

To me, 'founder' indirectly implies you have at least a few employees (not contractors, but real employees). If you do, then it's a perfectly appropriate word!

To try to put it into words, in my mind, for you to be a "founder" means that your organization is large enough to endure without you. If your removal means the instantaneous collapse of your organization, then theoretically you are the organization, not the founder of it as a separate entity.

Hmm I see your point. Perhaps there's a better word for it, then? I still think it's important to know it is my studio and I am the head, whether as a solo dev, contractors or full employees.


By 'director' and 'lead' even more directly implies there are others under you (director -> who are you directing? lead -> who are you leading?).
If you are the only person, even if you subcontract, then those are inaccurate to me.

Errr, I meant Creative Designer actually, image updated. Brain fart!

(tho arguably I did "direct" a team of writers and artists over a few months of development so it's not entirely without merit, but I agree I don't like Director itself. Again, brainfart!)

In Topic: Feedback on new Business Card

21 September 2016 - 06:21 PM

Hmm interesting point. But in a way I guess it made you actually look at it longer ;p

Why is founder premature? I published two commercial titles so far and 3 freebies, I don't think it's inappropriate. I am also looking for both producers and artists to hire so it's good to communicate they can contact me directly about this stuff. Or so is my logic.

I like the Crafter line for being more intriguing and closer to what I actually do on my games, but I worry it comes off bit pretentious.

Maybe just creative lead or creative director?

I also think I'll take off the twitter handle. People can find me easily enough and it's already too much text

EDIT: How's these for final look? Top or Bottom?


In Topic: Feedback on new Business Card

19 September 2016 - 06:04 PM

@Tom - thanks! Which version are you referring to?

@Frob - I initially had it off, but had a conversation with a fellow producer who said it should be on it since it's an important thing to know for producers/press.

In Topic: Feedback on Headliner - shape public opinion, see your life change

06 September 2016 - 04:08 PM

Thanks! Yes, hopefully the little experiment works; I'm learning from the faults of my past two narrative games (and a few others I mentioned) so hopefully it works better this time :)

Regarding having players read - aye, it's definitely a bit of a niche game for people who like this kind of stuff. Still, I feel the right aesthetics and writing can make a big difference in making player care. Part of what I'm trying to improve via this game.

RE time - good points, and I am a bit on the fence here. It may be an extra motivating gameplay mechanics, or detract from the experience as you stated. Right now the main repercussion is extra patrols and your spouse complaining if you are late. I guess testing will show how well it works in practice.

Lastly, both my previous narrative games had dynamically generated endings that were a combination of about 15 different variables. However, some players ended with a really great and rewarding ending, others ended up feeling dissatisfied. So I am thinking of going back to the "fixed" pre-written endings for a few possible scenarios (+ the small variations) to ensure each playthrough hits a punch in some way.