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In Topic: Ups

19 February 2016 - 01:08 AM

In my experience, Acer does tend to be a little on the cheaply built side.

In my experience, Acer does tend to be a little on the cheaply built side.

I actually bought an Acer laptop recently during the Black Friday sales and while it does feel like cheap plastic a bit, I've been really happy with it so far. Like the keyboard layout much better than Asus.

But no access to back-end to swap RAM / HDDs is a bit of a bummer!

In Topic: Question about Twitch hivemind

19 February 2016 - 12:57 AM

I think its kind of a "give enough monkeys a typewriter..." scenario - it may take ages but the hivemined can beat it if its determined. Still, impressive given the real-time stuff required by Dark Souls. Was it a bot or human controlling it? I almost find it hard to believe in this case.

A more important question: Why would people WANT to do spend half their day doing that :| ?

In Topic: New Studio Name, Thoughts?

19 February 2016 - 12:55 AM

Also, if you haven't already, google the names and see who already uses them and how. Do a Trademark and LLC name check as well. I know of another Bishop Games company I met at PAX South, so it may get confusing.

In Topic: Anyone going to PAX south San Antonio?

19 February 2016 - 12:53 AM

Oh darn it I wish I didn't miss this! I was there, showcasing Karaski: What Goes Up... and despite being utterly exhausting it was really nice. I think PAX may be my favorite expo I've been to so far, it just felt so well-rounded. PC gamers, consolers, tabletop, board, cosplayers, animu... everyone is there, and everyone is excited to have a good time. Plus the afterparties biggrin.png

Frankly, I only wish I could make a bank on my game so I could go to these expos without skimping or feeling guilty tongue.png

By the way, here's some of my advice about attending GDC and lessons learned exhibiting from another expo that may be relevant! And my impressions+tons of photos visiting/exhibiting at PAX South too with

In Topic: Preorder "Karaski", open-ended, story-driven action-adventure. Get ou...

06 February 2016 - 03:56 PM

Ack double post! Sorry :x