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Designing: The Game and Its Content > Part 2 of Developing a Game Idea: Fill-In-The-Blank Game Description

Posted 12 August 2013

Fill-in-the-blank description of game's genre and other basic properties from my guide:

[NameOfGame] will be a [2D or 3D or ?D] [optionally name the art style, e.g. anime] [singleplayer or multiplayer] [VPS/RPG/SIM/etc.] game where the player has [a small number or a large number] of [type of pet if you know it already] which which they do [combat or ot...

Designing: The Game and Its Content > Designer's Statement of Purpose for WildWright MMO Concept

Posted 07 August 2013

Since yesterday I have been working on developing a new game idea. Well, a few fragments of this concept existed already, as can be seen in this thread from 2011 and another from 2012:

I could probably...

Designing: The Game and Its Content > Ranching Type Pet Breeding Games: Viva Pinata and Plant Tycoon

Posted 18 March 2013

A ranching game is a pet game where the player owns property and infrastructure which are used to produce pets. It is a close relative to farming games where the player owns property and infrastructure to produce crops; the well-known game series Harvest Moon combines these two types of games.By my estimate, ranching games are the second most popular type...

Designing: The Game and Its Content > Pet Game Design Related Thoughts Copied From VPL

Posted 18 March 2013

These are three older entries copied (with a bit of editing) from my equivalent of this developer journal over on the Virtual Pet List forum.  I'm copying them here because I wanted to follow up with the new one I just wrote, and they probably should have been copied here in the first place because they're about game design.  I make no guarantee that they...

Designing: The Game and Its Content > Guide To Designing A Pet Game Part END

Posted 29 December 2012

X. Finale: An overview of the game development process and how the design document is used during this process. 1. Revise –  Theoretically you now have the first two parts of a game design document: a statement of purpose and a features list. Look them over for any inconsistencies or missing information and fix that if you can, or mark it (I use bright re...