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In Topic: CAVEMAN: pet interactions

Today, 05:32 PM

I suppose you could have the pet have an xp meter, and each time it filled up (due to the player traveling normally with the pet) the pet would generate an encounter where the player could interact with the pet, and have a chance of leveling up the pet or player in some way?

In Topic: CAVEMAN: pet interactions

Today, 01:56 AM

I think pet interactions tend to be boring unless the pet can initiate surprising (or at least funny) interactions.  Like in the Sims series, fetch and whatever were quite boring.  But when two animals randomly got in a fight or one randomly decided to attack the trash can, that kind of thing was exciting!

In Topic: ideas for stone-age mini-games

Yesterday, 04:39 PM

According to wikipedia the oldest confirmed board games are all dice games.  Usually stick dice rather than cube dice, but the idea is the same; so the question is whether you want your culture to have invented dice.  The rest of the confirmed ancient games are hopping games where stones or pegs are moved around a grid (or in the case of tic-tac-toe and go they are just placed, not hopped).  The non-confirmed ancient games are pretty much all agility games, which might be difficut to implement in your game - foot races, weapon contests including stone and knife throwing, duck duck goose, hand-clapping, hop scotch, tinikling or jump roping.

In Topic: Which hairstyle looks best?

Yesterday, 04:20 PM



TBH each one of these are expressing a very different and unique personality. Tell us more about the character, their background, story and setting and then I can better decide which one fits better.


A squire without a knight. On a quest for the king, even though the king never asked him. 20 years old. Clumsy, courageous, idiotic, and good-hearted. Able to wield a sword, and a magic wand or a bow and arrow. Average wealth.


Oh.  Yeah that seems like 4 to me.

In Topic: Make symbols on map more clear (RTS game)

26 September 2016 - 06:10 PM

I like the pictures in the second version, but the vertical lines for numbers are hard for me to read.