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Ruins of ancient high tech/magitech/alien civilizations

22 February 2016 - 07:05 PM

What are some of your favorite examples of games, anime, novels, whatever where there are ruins of an ancient civilization which had high tech, magitech, or alien tech?  If possible, please describe why these ruins exist in the setting (like did the ancient race die out for a specific reason, or did they leave, or did they evolve into humans and lose the ability to do magic, or were they aliens who used to be in contact with humans but decided to cut ties for some reason...?)

Do you remember a list of types of game designer?

23 August 2015 - 01:57 PM

I have a memory of seeing a list of types of game designer - talking about how they were motivated by different things - one wanted to torture players, one was a social experimenter, one wanted to create a dramatic experience similar to a movie...  I've been trying to google for it but have struck out so far.  It might have been a variation on the older list of types of game master/dungeon master but I'm not sure if it actually was. wacko.png


Edit: nvm found it

How long ago did you play the games that inspire your design?

28 April 2015 - 08:40 PM

TLDR: My major influences have consistently been games I played 4 years ago or less, how about you?



I saw an interesting discussion elsewhere about how much or little one's childhood affects one's adult artistic creations.  So I'd like to know, are any of the games you played as a child or teen still inspirations for your current designs?  If you are older than your twenties, are your current designs significantly different from what they were as a young adult?


Me, I started designing games as a hobby when I was about 19 (would have been 1999).  At that time my major inspiration was Final Fantasy 7, which I had played the previous year.  I was also interested in MMO design, though I'm not sure exactly which MMOs I had played by then.  My oldest major inspirations at that point were E.V.O: The Search For Eden (1993) and Myst (1993), even though I had been playing various games since about 1985.  A few of those older games were lingering as minor influences, like Invisible Bugs (1989).  But mainly when I began designing none of my important influences were more than 6 years old; actually they were probably more like 5 years since I didn't play those two when they were new.


Currently, I'm 34.  My oldest major influence on current designwork is probably Disgaea 1 (2003 release but I probably played it in 2006). (Again, I don't know which MMO I played which year, so I should exclude them).  But anyway the point is that all of my major influences were replaced, and at no time have I been heavily influenced by a game I played more than 9 years ago; most major influences are games I played 4 years ago or less.  How about you all?  Is my 'gamer memory' unusually short or are you all mainly influenced by games you've played in the past 4 years also?

If you're familiar with both Harry Potter and Naruto...

18 March 2015 - 04:02 PM

The Harry Potter world and the Naruto world actually have a ton of similarities, despite one being British and the other Japanese.  Both start with young teens going to a special school where they learn magic-like skills.  Near the beginning of both series a rogue teacher draws the main character into a dangerous confrontation over a valuable artifact that the rogue wants to steal.  Then the main character becomes part of a 3-person group that alternately squabbles and works together tackling various adventures, missions, and opponents.  They are constrained by their low rank/not being recognized as adults, and have to compete to earn certifications to make progress towards becoming full-fledged warriors considered as equals by their teachers.  Destiny is shown through information about the main character's dead parents and a prophecy.  And so on.


I'm thinking about inventing a new world of this general type.  Right now I'm trying to figure out what kind of special ability the main characters should be trained in, why this school exists, what kind of tests they should have to go through (probably a tournament, but what kind, and held by who), and who the enemy actually is.  I don't want to have any explicitly supernatural elements - no ghosts, vampires, demons, or gods.  (Edit: This means I really don't want to do the prophecy thing that both examples did.)  Magic is ok, as long as it is presented as either a natural part of the laws of physics of a fantasy world, or natural biological abilities of a non-human race.  I'm not sure I want to have elements be involved, and definitely not good vs. evil.  I want to have a more explicit process of specialization, where the teens have to decide what role they want to specialize in, then earn it, and there would be some kind of irreversible metamorphosis.  The end result should be an almost insect-like social structure where the group as a whole is the reproductive unit; no nuclear families.  Similarly, individuals would usually not have jobs in some kind of capitalistic system, but instead the group as a whole would be an economic unit.


So, what's the actual question of this thread?  Well, two things: What do you all think is good or important to include in such a world's design?  And, do you want to recommend any similar series as research material?  I'm aware that jedi in the Star Wars universe are kind of like ninja, but I never liked the philosophy or culture of the Star Wars universe much; I see jedi as being like paladins or clerics, and I strongly dislike religious warriors or mages.  The anime series Bleach similarly has shinigami who are like ninja, but although there is a shinigami school, the main character doesn't attend it, and he doesn't really act as part of a team either.

Tabletop/pen-n-paper gaming systems as research for video game design

04 September 2014 - 06:19 PM

TLDR: what's your favorite tabletop system (mechanics only!  not about the setting!) and why?


Longer complicated question: I've never played tabletop or pen-and-paper-and-dice RPGs much, so I'm not very familiar with how many there are that are distinctly different from each other, not mostly-clones.  I was contemplating that shelf in the bookstore's games section the other day though, thinking I really should do a little research to get myself familiar with the variety of tabletop gaming systems, especially things that are quite different from the old few tabletop systems that RPG video game systems were originally based on.  I want to get familiar with innovations in tabletop land in the past 15 years.  So, anyone want to recommend a unique system or new development within a system for me to look at?