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Graham's Incessant Ramblings (gwihlidal) > www.getdbook.com is back online!!

Posted 12 December 2008

After a long wait (sigh, I need to really figure out how to invent a time machine to infinitely work on side projects) I finally have my book's companion Web site back online (http://www.getdbook.com) - Sorry for the inconvenience! I am now hosting the book material (including the 2 bonus chapters) on my site so you can avoid the publisher...

Graham's Incessant Ramblings (gwihlidal) > I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Posted 01 November 2007

After a long long time from my last post, I'm finally back and can't wait to start posting again :)

Just finished Mass Effect crunch and the game is amazing. For everyone getting it, I hope (and know) you'll enjoy it!

Happy to be back,


Graham's Incessant Ramblings (gwihlidal) > What has Graham been up to lately?!

Posted 24 May 2006

Just thought I'd post about what I've been doing lately. I'm on my last few days with my current employer before I finally start working at BioWare! I've been waiting much too long to start there, as they wanted me May 1st but I asked for end of May so I could do some crazy knowledge transfer and wrap up activities at my current job. They were more...

Graham's Incessant Ramblings (gwihlidal) > LinkedIn Account

Posted 19 April 2006

Finally started beefing up my LinkedIn account (http://www.linkedin.com)

If anyone has an account feel free to send an invitation my way.


Graham's Incessant Ramblings (gwihlidal) > Still Pumped!

Posted 18 April 2006

Just wanted to stress again how pumped I am at my new job. I've always wanted to get in there. Now I just need to clean up my massive number of side projects and probably release them OS to the public.

Forgot to mention that last Monday (April 10th) was my birthday, and conveniently that was also my last interview with BioWare. So basically I got the...