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In Topic: Windows 10 is hideously ugly, any tips on how to fix?

Today, 09:01 AM

Broken DPI scaling is the fault of the program, not the OS. MS has provided DPI scaling APIs for years. Tell your program creator to get with the program (as it were).

And yet its many of the Windows 10 dialogs that are broken. Where do I tell MS to 'get with the program'?

Install a different antivirus program and it'll disable itself. Don't know why you'd want to run a computer unprotected anyway.

I've never had or needed real-time anti-virus protection. Occasionally I will manually run a scan, but I certainly do not want it scanning on its own. I understand that your average user probably needs one, but why can't I just have a 'disable' button in the admin panel? I shouldn't have to delve into the registry for something so simple as 'let me manage my own anti-virus'.

Right-click icon, select "Uninstall". Modern apps are uninstalled just by that method rather than having to dig into a control panel. Unlike regular Windows apps, they won't leave anything behind either, because they're self-contained packages.

This does not work for many of the 'built in apps'. It won't let you uninstall them.

All that being said, it's probably not the best idea to get version 1 of anything on day 1 smile.png Heck, you've got a year for them to patch things up before the free offer goes away.

I fully understand that Day 1 releases are inevitably buggy. I made this post to see if anyone had found work arounds to the many problems I've encountered. What I've gotten is mostly just a lot of explanations on why I shouldn't want to find workarounds/fixes. I needed to do a reinstall anyways, so upgrading to Windows 10 and playing around with it prior to wiping everything made sense. I've reinstalled Win 7 and will come back to Win 10 in a year or so to see if anything has changed. I'd like make use of many of the kernel updates, but at this point in time its clearly A) not ready, and B) not meant for me.

In Topic: Windows 10 is hideously ugly, any tips on how to fix?

Today, 06:03 AM


It's something nobody really needs

Like probably 99% of things in life - you don't really NEED much of anything so lets not follow this bullshit reasoning, eh?

but it has huge privacy/security concerns.

Why? Why precisely does talking to your PC have these concerns?

They are indeed bloatware that not only needlessly burn disk space (this is becoming significant again with SSDs) but also system resources such as RAM and CPU.

1TB SSD drives are now becoming affordable; space is a non-issue for what will amount to a few meg of space taken up.
RAM won't be used if the feature isn't switched on, will not be used if the feature isn't in use. (You know about how things are paged out, right?) and in multi-gig systems you aren't using most of your ram anyway beyond a bit of cache.
CPU usage - not on. no usage.

Similar to the builtin spyware that drives the login screen.

What are you on about?
OR is this the same bullshit line of reasoning which made you call the update program 'malware'?

It just isn't possible that this thingie tells you to try this and that feature which you haven't used yet unless it is being tracked every time you use a feature (or worse, every time you use any kind of program?). Ignoring privacy, that's code that runs repeatedly all the time and consumes resources but does nothing useful at all (on the contrary).

Wait.. it is a privacy concern because your PC remembers what you have and haven't used?
THAT is your reasoning? Because something has decided to keep track of feature usage on your PC this is a privacy concern?
OMG! When you save things to your hard drive it will know you have saved it! QUICK BURN EVERYTHING!

Yes, Google and Facebook and the like have their privacy/security concerns as well. But you opt in using these, and it's your own fault if you do.

Apart from the things they turn on after the fact and all the things people don't read when they agree to them and, even when they do get up in arms, just carry on using them anyway...

... not that you've shown anything here is on the same scale of 'privacy concern' as these data recording and tracking systems which other companies use... no, instead, you wave around the words 'privacy concern' with nothing to back it up and even less logic in use, simply because.. I dunno... you don't like MS or something I guess? Maybe rampant paranoia?


His concern's aren't 'bullshit'.  Requiring you to log into a MS account just to access a desktop is an invasion of privacy.  I know when I go online and use a 'free' service that its my info they are using, but when its fully integrated into the OS, that's a whole new level.  And yes, many of us don't (and rightfully so given their past actions) trust corporations with any and all data, and are quite precise and careful with what and who we give information to.
But regardless of your personal feelings, I would expect a lot more professional and realistic response from a moderator.  That response was just nothing but vitriolic hyperbole.

In Topic: Windows 10 is hideously ugly, any tips on how to fix?

Yesterday, 07:43 PM

Sorry Servant, nothing useful under 'Windows Features'.


I'm sorry Swift but I consider stuff like this 'bloatware' and remove it immediately upon installation; and I am certainly not alone in this regard.  What annoys me is that now I cannot remove it even if I want to it seems.  I'm not running this on a 'media PC' or a phone or a tablet.  This is my desktop, its there to play games or get work done.


In the end all Cortana seems to do is just forward anything you ask to Bing anyways...  So I really don't see the point.

In Topic: Windows 10 is hideously ugly, any tips on how to fix?

Yesterday, 06:17 PM

You can change the colour or set it automatic based on the background wallpaper colour, you can also enable or disable transparency.

 You can't change the color of individual items.  Like I can't change the color of the text, or the title bar (there is a theme to do that but it has other issues) or change font size.  I also have no idea how to uninstall Cortana...

In Topic: Windows 10 is hideously ugly, any tips on how to fix?

Yesterday, 05:35 PM

My eye's aren't gonna last a few weeks if I can't change a few things.  Changing the scaling makes everything huge and blurry, where in Windows 7 I could change just the text size.  I still haven't figured out how to turn off Windows Defender without modding the registry.  I can't seem to uninstall one-note or xbox whatever.  Also for the record I liked Windows 7 right 'out of the box'.  This feels more like Windows 3.1 with a 'high contrast' theme enabled.