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In Topic: Malicious looking ad

23 October 2016 - 10:13 AM

I'm not sure its gamedev related, it might just be some adware.


I'm pretty sure I've only seen the auto-redirect on certain sites, though, and both of them were forums with ad bars. On one of them it was a survey page that took over, on GDNet it was the fake malware scanner.

In Topic: Help me out with these new video games

21 October 2016 - 10:31 AM

Halo made no sense at all. I wasn't told where I was and what my purpose was.

Again - start the campaign. The campaign explains through cinematics what is going on. This is true across multiple franchises. I seem to recall that Assassin's Creed: Black Flag has "tutorial missions" that play when you explore for them. Shadow of Mordor has the tutorial baked into the intro cinematic.

In Topic: Help me out with these new video games

20 October 2016 - 11:48 AM

1. I am playing games like The Last of Us, and Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. What's the deal with the narratives/cut scenes? They are interesting the first time, but is there a way to skip straight to game play?
2. How do you figure out how to play these games? I was running around the island in Creed for 30 minutes unable to find the enemy. How do you figure out the tricks for moving ahead? Just watching youtube videos?
3. For the original Halo game, I put it in and had a hard time figuring out how to simply get it started. There were all these options. I went with multi-player and fortunately it allowed me to play on my own. But how am I supposed to figure out what to do? I was just shooting aliens constantly.
4. There seem to be a lot of extras in these games. For example, what's the deal with saving games and downloading characters? Can I learn how these games work and get the basics by just popping in a disc and hitting play? Or am I missing anything essential? If I went through all these menu items it would be a complete rabbit hole!
5. Is there anything I should NOT do with the consoles? When I quit, I open the ps3 door and the disc is still spinning. Will this hurt it?
6. How long does the xbox 360 controller have to be charged before it will be full and can it be overcharged?

1. Some games let you skip the cutscenes. Others don't. If you can skip the cutscene, the game would tell you.
2. Depends on the game, but most modern AAA games have an in-game tutorial. You may need to pay closer attention to what the game is saying, or you just need to explore until the game gives you a mission.
3. Did you not try starting the campaign? The campaign explains the controls as part of the first mission.
4. Any answer to this question would be specific to a particular game.
5. This is a question to ask the manufacturer.
6. This is a question to ask the manufacturer.

In Topic: Is the Asgardia project viable?

19 October 2016 - 11:52 AM

This does imply that a space station can't be sovereign territory as the space it's in belongs to everyone.

Not quite. Any object that a nation launches is considered its sovereign territory. The US segment of the International Space Station is considered "US soil" because the US owns, built, and launched it. It's claiming territory on celestial objects that is prohibited. The LEM descent stages on the Moon are still considered "US property," but the land surrounding them is not.

I am not a space lawyer, but I believe the nation that launched the station would be considered legally responsible for it unless they waived their claim.

In Topic: Is the Asgardia project viable?

16 October 2016 - 01:33 PM

I'm not aware of any modern space station design concepts that put solar panels on the living module surfaces. That would be inefficient - there would always be panels pointing away from the sun. Solar panels on most crewed spacecraft (and on large uncrewed spacecraft, for that matter) are mounted on dedicated structures unfurled after launch.

Yes, however the plants and panels need the sun, also this is a rotating structure.

Even if you put the panels on the rotating structure itself (ie. the whole station was rotating) and you didn't put the panels on a dedicated module, it should also be possible to point the axis of rotation towards the sun at all times. Remember, you're in space. :P

At the moment no one would risk loosing a robot to space, human live is so much cheaper.

UH. That is far from true in space matters. Human lives are seen as priceless. Safety is taken very seriously. Robot probes are seen as expendable - they're sent on one-way trips all the time. It's sad if a Mars probe disappears - if a spacecraft with humans on it disappears, there is mourning on an international scale (and the astronauts are eulogized as heroes), the entire program stands down for years, and the entire endeavour is questioned. It's much better to risk losing a robot that can be replaced (or repaired, or rebuilt) than a unique human life. That's kind of the entire point of the robot.

Human lives are not cheap. I'm frankly shocked that you would claim that human lives are less valuable than robot lives.

Normal consumption rates, not just household rates. Because street lights consumption would be replaced by the ship lights and life support and other important things would use what people are saving; I think that for the theoretical ship we should go for about 100 000 people and expansion up to 150 000 people.

Yes, but what are you assuming those rates are? I'm asking for numbers here. I don't think we can meaningfully discuss details beyond proposing ideas without numbers. :)