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Josh Petrie

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In Topic: why that i get a signal SIGSEGV with my Multithread code?

Today, 09:38 AM

Actually no. Nobody can advise you, because you're just wasting their time. Your earlier thread was a problem description of almost exactly the same level of detail, and you were prompted several times to provide clarifying details related to what your debugger tells you about the problem, and you didn't. Either because you don't know how to use your debugger or because you're willfully ignoring it expecting other people to do your work for you.


Learn to use your debugger, please. 


Once you've got a basic grasp of it, you may re-post your question provided you also describe in detail what the error is, where in your code it occurs, and what else your debugging has told you. Simply providing massive code dumps and asking "what is wrong with my code" over and over isn't really acceptable and takes advantage of the rest of the community.

In Topic: Now What For The UK ?

25 June 2016 - 06:45 PM

My mistake. I didn't read the entire article and misread this line, " A monetary union was established in 1999 and came into full force in 2002, and is composed of 19 EU member states which use the euro currency," to mean it was founded in 1999. Reading further down, I see that it was founded in 1993. Still, we're talking about an additional 6 years. 



But the EEC, which pre-dated the EU, was formed in 1958 and thus is considerably older. Being a filthy American, I'm not super clear on how much that distinction matters but I do hear a lot of talk on the news implying or outright asserting that the age of the "EU" is quite a bit older than ~20 years, so it seems like in some circles, as least, the time from the treaty of Maastricht is something of a technicality w.r.t to the age of the institution?

In Topic: Converting a desktop game into mobile game- Illegal?

21 June 2016 - 12:28 PM

Now my question is, can I take any game which is available on a desktop gaming sites like miniclip.com, addictinggames.com, poki etc. and convert it into a mobile game?



That depends what you mean by "take" and "convert."
If, for example, you're going to use any of the intellectual property of that source game, then no, it's not (generally) legal to do so without permission of author of the IP. So you cannot use their artwork, sounds, binaries, source code, et cetera. You may not use names, logos or other trademarks. 
You can create a game that uses similar mechanics; you can create your own version of a connect-four or match-three game. You can't take and port somebody else's stuff without asking them though.

In Topic: Gamedev glitch on iPhone

20 June 2016 - 05:15 PM

Moving to CSI.

In Topic: Is C++11's library a magic bullet for ALL multicore/multithread programming?

16 June 2016 - 08:26 PM



Nothing is a magic bullet for all classes of any problem domain. Especially something design to be fairly general purpose, like a good chunk of stuff in the C++ standard library. Specialized libraries and solutions will always exist for niche scenarios and they will often be able to outperform in those niche scenarios. You will need to profile and analyze to be sure; you haven't provided enough information about your specific problem domain.