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This is not a blog > GDC 2006 The missing pen

Posted 28 March 2006

If anyone hasn’t seen it, GameDev managed to claim number 7 on the IGN top 10 pens of the 2006 GDC (even though we where giving away the last of our 2005 pens – shh, don’t tell anyone). However one pen worthy of mention was unfortunately skipped over due to the difficulty of obtaining one – the S3 Graphics pen.

The omission is...

This is not a blog > Press Lounge

Posted 21 March 2006

Well I'm here in the press lounge, waiting for1:30, when I'll be rushing back over to the Fairmont to continue coverage of GDC Mobile. If you are here (why are you reading this!) and are involved in mobile development, head over to the second floor of the Fairmont, find the gold room, and go left to find Motorola and a development contest to win a set of...

This is not a blog > Can you guess what this is without cheating?

Posted 16 November 2004

I've been doing some surveying work (only partially color coded so far, though all important spots are mappped)

This is not a blog > Don't try making friends in Maple Story

Posted 09 November 2004

This is not a blog > MAPLE STORY

Posted 28 October 2004