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In Topic: Exploration in space 4X (boring & tedious)

Today, 08:50 AM

Well if space is empty and boring then exploration is boring.  What do you find? Planets you may or may not want to colonize, and other races.


You could ditch all that and have everything in sensor/fuel range known.  So if you can reach another star system you know what its planets are like. You could then replace exploration with archaeology.


Archaeology would allow you send to research vessels to long dead worlds or strange locations to try and find ancient relics, wealth, and technology.  Archaeology takes time and those research ships can be plundered on their way back.  So if you find 10,000 gold in an alien vault you still need to get it back to you home world before you get the credits.  Pirates and other players could attack the ship and if its undefended it instantly surrenders and switches sides.


Relics might provide permanent bonuses but have long term costs which are unknown so its up to the player to decide if they want to use them or not.  The intelligence booster might give you a 20% research bonus but it will be a few decades before people realize its halved your populations growth rate.  The bliss computer net might make everyone happy in the empire but each turn there is small but growing chance it will try and take over.

In Topic: How to avoid "stacks of doom" in 4X?

Yesterday, 04:52 PM

I don't think MOO solved the stack problem rather it created it.  in MOO 1 you could build multiple ships per turn and ship types stacked so in a single battle there might be a stack of 10,000 small ships and you might kill a few thousand a volley with your spatial disrupters.  


In MOO2 ships no longer stacked but you still had large AI Fleets.  Generally they would have massive fleets with 40+ ships and just move that from planet to planet. Depending on tech you might be able only be able to kill 1 or 2 a round or 1 per shot.  That is probably why the game included the stellar converter weapon which more powerful then every other weapon combined.  It did 2000 damage never missed and could destroy planets the second strongest weapon only did 50-100 damage.  Many times in MOO2 late game planets would get stuck in lengthy blockades where you simply didn't have enough combat rounds per turn to kill all the enemy ships. The computer opponents cheated so they could build and maintain far more massive fleets then players could build.


And you couldn't use non-tactical combat because it didn't resolve to the same out come as tactical combat on auto.  The non-tactical combat would let a large weak fleet win against a small fleet of high tech ships they couldn't damage in tactical combat.

In Topic: How to make unique and interesting planets (4X)?

26 July 2014 - 10:14 AM

What if you had a post collapse universe?   So the game takes places thousands or millions of years after a grand intergalactic war ravaged the galaxy. The once great empires are now gone and the young races are venturing out into the galaxy for the first time.


You could have regions were bioweapons of destroyed most of the life on the planets.

Regions where the inhabits are former primitive slaves or experiments living on the hulking remains of once planet sized vessels.

Regions were ancient minefields making travelling dangerous.

Garden sectors were advance technology makes every world a gaia class planet but malfunction gardern drones attack incoming ships or maybe the weather net is hackable with the right level of tech.

In Topic: Why Dune (game) will never be made again

26 July 2014 - 10:12 AM

It could very well be that HLP doesn't even own the rights to make a dune games any more.   In a lot of case companies buy those rights when they make a game if they can rather then licencing them. Those companies fold, get bought out, and change hands and eventually the rights end up with a company that doesn't have any plans to use them but holds on to them just in case.



I remember that on the Shadowrun returns kickstarter that the creator posted about the surreal experience of licencing back the rights to make a new version of his own game.

In Topic: How to manage 100 planets?

25 July 2014 - 07:52 PM

I like the idea of planets going up levels of scale as you control more of a region.   Control a single planet in a region an you give orders to just that planet control all planets in a region and instead you give orders to the region.  Regions work together generating more production and research then the individual planets would generate they also allow for larger scale constructions. 


Planets > star system

star system > parsec

parsec > cluster

cluster > galaxy