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In Topic: USC Canceled Video Game Panel For Too Many Men

Today, 08:51 AM

It's absurdly hard trying to find women (and men, but especially women) willing to work the same schedule, because it pretty much demands that they have a full-time spouse to take care of the kids, and stay at home dads are way more rare than stay at home moms.

At the risk of bogging this back down in gut reactions to the word 'privilege', you don't view this as an inherent advantage confered upon you by society purely by dint of being male?

Historical societal roles assign women by default as caregivers, and that assignment restricts their willingness and ability to take jobs that have extreme time requirements. As a male, there's very little societal pressure to come home early and cook dinner for the family, take days off work to take your kid to the doctor, etc and so forth...

In Topic: USC Canceled Video Game Panel For Too Many Men

Yesterday, 08:39 AM

A word introduced by someone who thinks that the cancelation was right and that the harm done to education of both male and female students is worth some nebulous message; and yet, presumable, would have been just fine with the panel going ahead as was despite there only being one woman on the panel because that is... better? I mean, it is, but hardly.

Pretty much everyone in this thread is in violent agreement on two points: (a) that the event shouldn't have been cancelled, and (b) that the event wouldn't have had to be cancelled if the speakers were more diverse to begin with.

What doesn't appear to be widely agreed upon is the magnitude of impact of said cancellation. In my view, a handful of students missed out on a networking event, and the internet got to debate diversity in education. Apparently various parts of the internet view the cancellation as equivalent to the sky falling.

In Topic: USC Canceled Video Game Panel For Too Many Men

03 May 2016 - 09:09 AM

They wouldn't have to cancel an event that was exclusive, if they organized an inclusive event in the first place

I don't think anyone is in disagreement with this statement. Clearly, a more diverse panel would have avoided this issue.


However, it is worth reflecting that the panel as designed is roughly in line with the diversity in industry. The last figures I have to hand are from 2005, when the industry self-reported as 88% male. Which makes a 10 person panel with a single female member representative of the industry as a whole...

In Topic: Enabling AR/VR users touch and feel

01 May 2016 - 11:36 PM

I ran into someone demoing finger-mounted haptics at SIGGRAPH the year before last. Any relation to your product?

Your website is kind of pointless to promote on a game development site at the moment, since you don't (a) say whether development hardware is available, (b) mention how to obtain said development hardware, nor do you ({C}c) actually show any footage of actual hardware. From your site, I'd probably assume it was vapourware fishing for VC capital...

In Topic: USC Canceled Video Game Panel For Too Many Men

01 May 2016 - 11:05 PM

All I'll say is, cancelling an event at pretty much the last minute because the sole woman on the panel had to drop out sends the message that women are only valuable as props to showcase you diversity. It does absolutely nothing to further the advancement of women in the industry.

Really? The message I take from that is that inclusion of women is the most important issue in the industry.