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Member Since 04 Jul 2003
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Journal Entries

/* Why you crying? */ > 8-Type Triplanar Mapping

Posted 29 March 2015

On a whim, I decided to go ahead and implement a version of the tri-planar shader that uses all 8 detail layers in the atlas.


Surprisingly, it still runs at around 13fps, and that's with the triplanar material applied even to the ground tiles. I did do some rearranging of the operations in the shader to make it work, thou...

/* Why you crying? */ > Texturing experiments

Posted 22 March 2015

So, lately I've been getting back into working on Goblinson Crusoe. I've got the core working again (except for particle systems), but I've allowed myself to be sidetracked. In my previous journal entry, I mentioned how I was working on a terrain editor. Well, in the editor I implemented the terrain texture splatting described here . And that work got me...

/* Why you crying? */ > Threading and the ANL

Posted 12 March 2015

Some time back I wrote about how I had started an experimental branch of the Accidental Noise Library that uses a sort of virtual machine that executes a linear vector of instructions, rather than a pointer-linked chain of modules as the master uses. Part of the reason I wanted to do this was to support multi-threading of the noise kernels. The pointer-l...

/* Why you crying? */ > /cast Resurrect HeightMapEditor

Posted 03 March 2015

A short while ago (translation: 10 years) I had been working on a heightmap editor for a game project I was working on. Like most of my projects, it fell by the wayside. I haven't really had time lately to do much, but I have resurrected that old project... in a way, at least. In spirit, if nothing else, since none of the code has made it from backup ont...

/* Why you crying? */ > The Week of Awesome....

Posted 23 September 2014

... unfortunately happens to coincide with "The Week of Five Consecutive 12 Hour Night Shifts", so I'm afraid that my game idea of "Santa Claus is murdered by the hell-born toys from his sack, and with his dying breath commands Bizkip the Elf to take up the custom modified Nerf gun he uses for protection from sleigh-jackings and put down the brutal toy re...