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Journal Entries

/* Why you crying? */ > World Map Candidate

Posted 09 May 2015

Here is a very quick, very rough mockup of what I currently have in mind for the world map:


The tags/locations on the map would be clickable, either on the map itself or on the list to the lift. (Appearance and detail will, of course, vary in the final solution.) Exploring a hex takes you to a turn-based exploration map....

/* Why you crying? */ > What's it all about?

Posted 05 May 2015

I am still in the process of converting critical components to C++ classes, rewriting some of my procedural world generation layers to avoid returning by value from the Lua API, and other such nonsense. It goes slowly when I have just so, so many dandelions in the yard to eliminate, so many square feet of lawn to feed and water, so many trees to tend and...

/* Why you crying? */ > Fluffy trees

Posted 24 April 2015

So, I downloaded Blender 2.74 and did an experimental tree using the normals trick mentioned in the previous post. The trees do, indeed, look fluffy now:


The official Blender exporter for Urho3D doesn't as yet support the normals modified by the normal edit modifier (although I was linked...

/* Why you crying? */ > Useless filler

Posted 21 April 2015


I find that I am really enjoying the gameplay with elevation involved. Exploration, especially with tall trees added, has become quite enjoyable even if there is really nothing much to find or do. There are a few tweaks that need to be done, however. One is th...

/* Why you crying? */ > Moving components to C++

Posted 13 April 2015


So, I've gotten the game fully back to where it was before. Works great. But I have a pretty big project to tackle now.

You see, a LOT of the game functionality is written as Lua script objects attached as script object components to Urho3D Nodes. Which is great and all, but the thing is that the Lua bindings use tolua++...