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/* Why you crying? */ > Experimental virtual-machine-based branch of ANL

Posted 09 September 2014

I've pushed some commits to the vm branch of the ANL; you can find the new branch here .

Note that the new branch is still very much in development. I haven't written any bindings for Lua, so the framework exe merely executes whatever current testing I am doing, rather than providing a Lua interpreter.

A few notes on what is changed:

1) Rather than bui...

/* Why you crying? */ > Stuff

Posted 20 April 2014

My schedule lately is one that can be summed up by two simple words: crushing exhaustion. A change of career (unfortunate, but necessary) has initiated a period of long shifts and a somewhat higher level of physical labor than I have been accustomed to lately, so that the attendant emotional and physical exhaustion while my body re-adapts to a less sedent...

/* Why you crying? */ > Demo and Explanation of Third Person Camera

Posted 27 February 2014

I got a message from someone asking for more information about the camera system I briefly described in the previous entry, so rather than responding with an explanation via message I'll just dump it here. TLDR version: At the end of this post is a link to a small third-person ARPG foundational demo to play with, done with Urho3D+Lua, that shows the camer...

/* Why you crying? */ > Third Person Camera, Ghosting, Blender Cycles Baking, Other Stuff

Posted 25 February 2014

I got sick, then I got better. Since then, though, work on Goblinson Crusoe has been sporadic at best. However, I haven't really been idle. I've done a few things at least, and there have been some interesting developments.

1) I redid all my cameras. Aside from GC, I have any number of other projects going. Little prototypes, testbeds, etc... For exampl...

/* Why you crying? */ > Wardrobe

Posted 28 December 2013

So it turns out, Goblinson Crusoe is kind of a clothes horse. Well, not really, at least not yet. But he just might end up that way.

Today, I created a wardrobe to add to the list of workbenches:


Using the wardrobe will give you a spellbook of your currently-possessed equipment. (Just one weapon for now.) You can select...