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/* Why you crying? */ > If I were to make Golem now...

Posted 23 August 2016

If I were to go back and remake Golem today, what would I do? Where would I start? As I have mentioned in previous entries, I would almost certainly use an engine now instead of rolling my own. (Although, to be fair, back then there wasn't nearly the wide range of available engines to do this stuff with, so rolling your own was almost a given.) Without ha...

/* Why you crying? */ > Golem

Posted 05 August 2016

In the previous post, I commented how I didn't see any use in re-factoring and re-building Golem, the way evolutional is re-factoring Manta-X. I'd like to elaborate on that a little bit. 
It's not that I don't find any value in the game itself; Golem is a game that I most definitely would like to revisit at some point. I feel like I had a lot of good...

/* Why you crying? */ > On The Topic Of Retrospectives...

Posted 01 August 2016

Evolutional's recent post about digging through some old code inspired me to take a look at some of my own. I had recently found a copy of the working development folder of my old game, Golem, on a hard drive in a box, and while I've peeked into it out of morbid curiosity, I haven't felt the inclination to dig very deep until now. 
Golem was an isom...

/* Why you crying? */ > Haste, slow, and refactoring

Posted 09 July 2016

As part of the AI and control refactor, I refactored the basic components that provide the turn-basedness for the unit controllers. 
Previously, the turn system was controlled by 2 components: the Turn Scheduler, which runs scene-wide and provides a 'heartbeat' on a specified timer; and the command queue component per combatant, that listens for the...

/* Why you crying? */ > Highlighting

Posted 22 May 2016

In between work, sleep, family, home and yard projects, and being sick (all the usual bull-shit cop-out excuses you have all come to expect from me over the years) I have been getting in some work on Goblinson Crusoe.

So, the Great AI Refactor has begun in earnest, and as I suspected it would, it has run its tentacles all throughout the project. Up til...