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Don Carnage

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In Topic: Super Planet Crash ... scores?

21 April 2014 - 07:50 PM

Two brown dwarfs close to the sun no problemcool.png  3M pts.


Edit: wrong link. I'll try again.

In Topic: Super Planet Crash ... scores?

21 April 2014 - 07:22 PM

Fun little app. Was fooling around with something like this back in the Delphi days. Does anything like this exist for phone/tablet?

Earth is habitable but influenced by single outer dwarf star. Fast forward for cool corona-like effect of Earth's orbit. 17,734,857 points.

Earth is habitable but with strange orbit caused by inner dwarf star causing the Sun to wobble. An outer brown dwarf completes the pretty picture. 16M pts.

Wonder how crazy these systems can get without causing instability?

Also wonder if they could be cheating in anyway in their calculations, since we are dealing with a "simulation" game.

If you were doing the exact measurements, and modelling and simulation of a distant star system, how long a simulated stability period would you consider "ok for settling"?

In Topic: Mars-One

07 January 2014 - 07:58 AM

I mentioned before that I am a supertaster.  It is common for supertasters to eat fewer vegetables—and I am no exception—and thus have an increased risk of colon cancer.

People keep saying we will die horrible deaths on Mars, crash land, blow up on the launch pad, etc., but the fact is, with a fully vegan diet, going to Mars might just save my ass!

Rimshot.  I’ll be here all night folks.

Get your ass to Mars.


Seriously though, even if your expertise in reaching childhood dreams is both right for you and highly inspirational to others, don't you think you'd be better off taking care of your ass here on Earth? Cancer from vegetable abstinence would surely occur decades before you could actually get out there.

In Topic: Problem with Netflix while using VPN(payment)

10 October 2013 - 07:13 AM

Call Netflix.


Dunno what went wrong, but I wonder why you didn't just register on your local Netflix site (assuming you have one), or another than US (since they are special), then just use VPN or even cheaper/easier: use something like hola.org to access US Netflix repo.

In Topic: Feeling a bit conflicted

19 August 2013 - 07:38 PM

I've been working on a similar game, and while it's been fun - I'm also struggling with the detail level. If you try and start out with some very basic lives scetched out, and some sensible parameters of life, you actually get something up and running pretty quickly (provided you have thought a minute or two about the size of game world and population to simulate in relation to your average PC memory!)


For one thing, I find that no matter how more complex you make the life simulations, they still end up either boring and mondane (unrealistically so), or simply totally unbelievable.


You need both time-relative statistics of lots of complete areas of a real world, and a proper AI (which is in skunk labs, but far from those of science fiction and not suited for our needs) to make a simulated life really realistic. But you could simulate parts of lives that are running in a "controlled simulation", where the user would choose individual persons or familys to open and control (like in Sims).


If leave you with some old pseudo-code from an earlier venture, before it got very complex and messy. It illustrates the game loop for a world simulation, where people live basic lives, get born, married and even go to war and die...

void world_sim() {
    for (int year = 1750; year <= 2100; year++) {
        for (int day = 0; day < 365; day++) {
            // people
            for (int p; p < people.count; p++) {
                if (!p.is_in_coma()) p.wake_up(); // fix: prevent people in coma from waking up every jan 1st
                if (day == 0 && p.age == 0) {      
                // here you can plug in your behavior
                if (p.has_job() || p.age() > SCHOOL_AGE) {
                    if (p.is_lazy() && p.fucks_up()) 
                        if (random < 0.1) { 
                            if (p.is_child()) {
                            } else {
                // plug in behavior
                // plug in behavior
                if (p.is_married()) {
                if (p.get_partners().count() > 0) {
                    if (p.is_having_unprotected_sex()) {
                // plug in behavior
                if (rand() * p.age > 100) {
            // plug in behavior
            } // days
        // world events
        if (year % 100) major_catastrophic_event()
        if (year % 50) industrial_revolution();
        if (year % 25) major_war();
        if (year % 4) summer_games();
        // plug in behavior

        // for expansion
        // if (year && 20000) ice_age();
        // if (year && 500) new_religion();
    } // years