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Journal Entries

Adventures In Managed World > Dynamo

Posted 04 November 2004

You know, I really suck at coming up with cool code names for projects. So, I'm going to adopt my own style. All I can say is that a thesaurus is the best friend of a person like me. Well, to make a long story short (o.k., it's not really that long anyways, like you care...), I decided to use the thesaurus this time around. Since I will be making two...

Adventures In Managed World > Revising Plans

Posted 02 November 2004

I did some more work on the 2d engine for Managed World. I've decided to step back and revise my plans. I was taking a pretty abstract approach to the engine, to the point where I could plug in an OpenGL renderer if I wished to. Well, in order to be able to abstract the renderer, you need to abstract almost any feature of DirectX or OpenGL that you...

Adventures In Managed World > .plan - 10/24/2004

Posted 24 October 2004

Well, I was finally able to get around and make more progress with the Harvest engine. It's still in the ridiculously early stages, but it feels good to actually make some more progress. I wired up (again (and got it working properly this time)) a C++ Makefile project in order to build the solution (the engine + the sample application) using the NAnt build...

Adventures In Managed World > Heeeeeeeeeeere's MEPIS!

Posted 20 October 2004

Well, it's probably no secret that I'm a Microsoft technology fan. I'm willing to be flamed about that, because I like working with the technology. However, I think it is a BAD thing to have only one-sided technological knowledge. After all, how can you expect to have a civilized conversation with another person (let's say a Linux fan) without...

Adventures In Managed World > More Engine Progress

Posted 20 October 2004

Well, I was finally able to get some time last night to do some more coding up on my engine. I got the Vertex Manager and Vertex Cache wired up. It's not quite hooked into DirectX yet, but the whole rendering pipeline of the engine (from Renderer -> Vertex Manager -> Vertex Cache) is finally working properly.

I'm hoping that I can continue to...