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Tom B

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#5020177 Game Dev Kit

Posted by on 10 January 2013 - 10:47 PM

Servant, you're right.  Many of the links are out of date.  I should have updated those useful links years ago...but they change all the time.  Frankly, I should probably just drop them completely.  But hey, there's links to a bunch of my articles on my blog here - http://gameattorney.com/blog/?p=54 and some interesting blog posts as well.  Maybe that will make up for my lax updating of  that page.

The heart of the Kit is the Contributor Agreement.  It is not like anything that I know of on the web as it was drafted by me specifically for game developers.  It is way more that a simple "work for hire" agreement or "NDA."  Actually, the NDA I have is available in  one of my first three articles I did years ago and is still pretty much the same.  But the Contributor Agreement is the real deal.

The Kit is not meant to be a substitute for a relationship with a lawyer.  But it does provide significant information in a nice package for those not yet in a position to get a lawyer.  The Contributor Agreement it probably the first contract anyone interested in starting a studio should have, unless they are doing all the assets themselves.

Oh yeah...the Game Dev Kit also comes with a free consult and a 20% discount on the first 10 hours of my time.


Tom B