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Any Colour You Like > Repairing a PlayStation controller to USB adaptor

Posted 20 April 2013

I recently purchased an inexpensive PlayStation controller USB adaptor for my PC. Several reviews confirmed that it was compatible with the controller's analogue joysticks so I thought it would be what I was after. Life is rarely that easy with cheap electronics, unfortunately!http://benryves.com/images/ps2-to-pc/adaptor-product.jpg  When it arrived I plu...

Any Colour You Like > Laserstrike for Zen X-Fi 2

Posted 23 October 2011

It's been a long time since I posted about any of my projects for the simple reason that I haven't had any real time to work on them this year. Work commitments have not been particularly kind to my free time and there has been no progress on my 3D engine for TI calculators or any new electronics...

Any Colour You Like > Back in Classic Black

Posted 27 January 2011

I've been working on a "classic black" style for the GameDev.net website for a little while. Being a creature of habit I could never get used to the lighter skins that the site has tended towards in recent...

Any Colour You Like > Watched Forums Userscript

Posted 10 January 2011

I hope everyone had a very pleasant Christmas and New Year break. It's been a while since I last posted — I've been very busy with work of late and as such have not had much to report on my own projects.

As you have no doubt noticed GameDev.net has undergone some fairly radical changes recently; most of these seem to be for the better, but as...

Any Colour You Like > A larger level, moving sectors and failed optimisation attempts

Posted 29 November 2010

I've made a few attempts to boost the performance of the 3D engine for the TI-83+ I'm working on with little success. I had previously failed to get any improvement by adding bounding boxes around each BSP node (the idea being that if a node falls outside the view you can discard it and, by extension, all of its children) but the act of transforming...