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Michael Tanczos

Member Since 14 Jun 1999
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In Topic: New ad provider?

31 May 2016 - 12:23 PM

Note that these ads are targeting mobile resolutions Kevin.  Double check the Google setup for all leaderboard resolutions

In Topic: Selective Quote feature removed?

27 April 2016 - 07:54 PM

Right now we have to trim back certain features in order to move to IPS version 4.   We're in the process of discussing the path going forward but it looks like we will be moving the site more to focus on maintaining a public forum for discussion and making sure that our discussion software encompasses what people need the most.   The monolithic version of gamedev.net that contained books, articles, etc etc is going to be trimmed back to favor community discussion.

In Topic: Hey GDNet, stop spamming me.

06 February 2016 - 10:41 AM

Yeah it's crazy.. somebody is either doing a security test on the site or trying to hack the site.   All these reports come from automated attempts to exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities.  It's exhaustive but should be done now.. I'm not sure how many emails got sent out of the queue but it could be a bit.

In Topic: Is the chat broken?

24 January 2016 - 07:02 AM

They said the problem was on their end and fixed it so.. all good now!

In Topic: Is the chat broken?

23 January 2016 - 10:03 PM

We're checking with Invision Power.. our license is up to date so this doesn't make sense.