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In Topic: A whole decade, and the software is still sub-par.

22 March 2014 - 07:04 PM

What is a waste is not seeing a project through to completion once you have started it.


Also, its time well spent if the project schedule includes time for aquiring the knowledge and skills required.  For example, if you wanted to make say...a Tekken-style game, then you may need to take years out to learn 3D programming and also the art skills to produce characters and their animations in a package such as Maya or Blender.


Re: Mikeman.


Godspeed my friend on making that sci-fi racing game!  When I left school and got my first job, a copy of Wipeout and a Playstation were my purchase on my first pay check, and I have very fond memories of that time.  If you can make a game comparable to Wipeout then you will definitely have my respect at least.

In Topic: Fast Game Programming With Out An Engine ?

22 March 2014 - 06:30 PM

With just Java and its standard graphics library, one can easily make 2D games, but it depends on what kind of game and to what level of quality.


A simple Asteroids clone would take me about a week, skimping on collision-detection by using radius-testing. My skills in graphics packages(GIMP, Blender) would allow me to produce some rather decent visuals including animation. I also know a few software-rasterisation techniques including image rotation, scaling and even a few alpha-blending tricks too.


Given a month, I could write a simple ray-casting FPS - with textured floors and ceilings!  Maybe even a text-based command-line RPG...


Allowing for six months then the options are far greater.  With more time to develop decent editiors for maps etc, I could probably produce something along the lines of Dune 2, Lords of Midnight, Myst or Forgotten Worlds.


But a year? X-Wing, Doom or Command & Conquer.

In Topic: Hobbies for game developers

15 March 2014 - 07:00 PM

Its usually fitness, 3D modelling and cooking, but recently I've been interested in learning Welsh and to sing.  Not enough time for either, but they do tickle my fancy.  I have a great passion for Jim Steinman songs but my voice is bloody attrocious.  Learning Welsh is more to do with being facinated by Tolkien than anything else, but its hard to find a place to start.


Currently working on a Jambiya Dagger model using Silo, 3DCoat and Blender.  Also reading up on TE Lawrence, who I think was the most interesting man of the 20th Century.

In Topic: Starting my journey in game programming [need some professional opinion]

15 March 2014 - 07:03 AM

Something on the level of Murasama is a bit too demanding for one person to manage - especially if they doubt their ability.  The programming might not kill you, but the artistic resources certainly will!


To give you an example, its taken me about fourteen years to learn multiple languages, get qualifications, master 3d/2d packages, animation and drawing and its only just now that I feel confident enough to take on projects on the level of say, Myst, Lands Of Lore, Dune 2000...at a stretch the original Buldur's gate.  In other words: commerical games from the 1990s...


My advice is to focus on strengthening your knowledge of Java and skills in 2D image packages(GIMP or Artrage).  I also strongly recommend putting some time aside learning software development and maths up to algebra level.  Your language and maths skills you can teach yourself, but I feel its worth getting formal education in software development as you are being put to the test for completing a program that is not only complete, but also stable and maintainable.  With that vital skill, games development becomes a lot clearer and manageable.


For what its worth, I too am a Java programmer working on a game that I hope to release on the Android market.  It'll be on the level of Myst and Jurassic Park(Sega CD), so I feel its a reasonable goal.  And thats what you should do: work towards reasonable goals.


As for C++ being faster than Java...for games like Crysis then yes, you should be using C++, but otherwise Java is perfectly fine.

In Topic: Can anybody recommend some books?

15 March 2014 - 06:03 AM

If you "can't" draw then its worth learning how to do so.


I recommend "Drawing on the right side of the brain" by Betty Edwards, and to also sketch daily for about a year or two. I definitely recommend the odd life drawing class here and there.  Also, keep small sketchbooks with you on your travels and instead of relying on taking photographs, sketch what is in front of you with the time available.


I also second keeping a mannequin handy.