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Journalgasm > I have returned

Posted 02 May 2010

It's kind of strange having GDNet+ again, as the last time I had GDNet+ I was in the struggling student phase, juggling the burden of university with working enough to pay for university, as well as maintaining my long term relationship. Since then I've dropped out of university and went to a technical institute and got a diploma there and though I did it...

Journalgasm > long live linuXXX

Posted 01 December 2004

See last post to see why nothing has been updated, seems it'll be like that again, till, about say.. After New Years.. My subscription from here prolly will end before then, and I've yet to decide this is worth a second donation. Maybe I'll resubscribe once I get a beta up and going of my almighty almost started game.

till then have some reading...

Journalgasm > lose-lose situation

Posted 17 October 2004

So I get time away from school and what happens? I end up getting many more shifts at work.. Like a lose-lose situation.. On the bright side it's giving me enough money to squander away on something(looking at laptops, cept it's hard to find one under $1k(CAD) that's half decent, or even one that's not 15"). Since none of you care about...

Journalgasm > So it's been dropped..

Posted 08 October 2004

Isn't it kind of funny how dropping a university level course is much like breaking up with a girl? The feel of the load taken off is great, but there's still the emotional discourse of it not working out the way you expected it to. Well I've said I'd post more about my game so I'll start off with a bit of the background story, and the genre. Since I like...

Journalgasm > O_O

Posted 06 October 2004

Well it looks like I'll probably be dropping physics, as I only took it as I thought it would be interesting, but what a fool I am to think that interesting and physics would fit in the same sentence. Too much calculus makes my brain hurt. This should turn into a much greater amount of time I can spend on my game, as the only thing blocking...