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Benjamin Heath

Member Since 22 Sep 2003
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Journal Entries

Unbreakable > Here I Am...

Posted 14 November 2005

Hey guys, I'm still around.

I recently started a myspace account here, so feel free to drop by.

--> I got the job. I am now a paid-on-call firefighter for Holtville, California. I also passed the written exam for full-time firefighter, though I don't expect to have that position for some time. I took the exam for reserve firefighter on Saturday,...

Unbreakable > My GDNet+ Subscription... meow

Posted 09 November 2005

Well, my subscription runs out next Friday, and I won't renew it until much later on, so this'll be it for a while. Oh well.

Aside from that, the end of my semester is, what, a month away now? Finals are coming up in the next several weeks, so it's time to study.

I'm also being hired at one of the local departments as a "paid-on-call"...

Unbreakable > SIN.

Posted 27 October 2005

Well, I've completed my only 6-week class of this semester: Hazardous Materials for First Responders. It was a weekly class that would go for 5 hours at a time. It wasn't really hard, but it took a good bit of studying to pass the tests. We had to learn how to recognize the presence of haz-mat/dangerous goods and how to deal with such an...

Unbreakable > Find the hidden meow.

Posted 02 October 2005

A strike team was sent from my department to the wild fire around LA last Wednesday. From the news this morning, it seems the fire is getting under control, so they should be back by tomorrow or Tuesday, if they're not already. I was called in at 0400 last Thursday to fill in as a volunteer, and apparently I was the only one who responded to the...

Unbreakable > The Search for More Money.

Posted 23 September 2005

Well, I was cut from my old position because of conflicts with my school schedule. I was in the receiving dock at a department store, but now I'm just "on-call." That means I don't have a schedule, but they'll call me into work if someone is sick. I might keep it for a few extra bucks now and then, but I may quit just as well.

Meanwhile, I'm applying to...