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In Topic: Where to begin developing?

26 May 2015 - 12:48 PM



When I was in college, one of the most important projects I ever did was a Tetris, in the vein of a project above.  It was completely self-directed (not for a class or anything), and took me a few weeks/months.  It was the kind of thing I could work on when I had some down-time - or needed to distract myself from schoolwork for a few hours, while still doing something productive.


It wasn't so much a coding challenge as it was a challenge to create, perfect, and integrate every part (every piece of artwork, music, high score list, demo mode, etc.).  The end result wasn't a 3D game or even a complicated sidescroller, but it had so much polish, that I'm as proud of it as anything I've ever done.


A completely finished, polished game like that - no matter how simplistic - will not only teach you more, it'll be more impressive to people who matter than any half-completed, unpolished 3D shooter or other, more complicated game.


Challenge yourself to at least take yourself to the "Pac-Man" stage of the above article (as a student, your studies should be your top priority, so I think a finshed, polished sidescroller might be too much).  Complete all the graphics.  Integrate music and sound effects.  Add a demo/attract mode.  A high score list.  An intro cinematic.  A credits scroll.

In Topic: Will game maker hurt me in the long run?

23 February 2015 - 10:23 AM

If you're serious about programming games for a living, then using Game Maker would be a waste of time that is much better spent learning to code.

I get the feeling you're relatively young. That gives you a lot of freedom and free time that you won't have later - take advantage of it now, while you can, to learn harder skills - like coding.

BTW, if you end up deciding (for whatever reason) not to go into game-making, then being able to code will help you a lot more than being able to use Game Maker.

In Topic: Best First Project?

16 January 2015 - 03:48 PM

This is an ancient question, with a very good answer:



In that order, for very good reasons. It's going to be a lot harder than you might expect, and when you're done, you'll be ready to do any 2D game you want - or ready to step into 3D development.

Don't move on from one until you're completely done with the one before, including polish. You'll learn a LOT from polish, and you'll have something you can be VERY proud of (and can include in a portfolio). That's worth a lot.

In Topic: Find a two points in differents segments which their distances is K

20 November 2014 - 12:00 PM

Sounds like you're interested in implementing a sweep test? If so, check out this article:


In Topic: Feedback on my kickstarter

09 November 2014 - 05:02 PM

Better watch out, if you don't deliver on those kickstarter rewards, someone might start a viral campaign against you!