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Destructive Design > Untitled

Posted 14 January 2007

lol, so I started moving the output of Rhubarb's PHP scripts from HTML (eww) to XML (*scream*). XML is, by nature, a bitch to work with. And my benchmarks show that there wasn't any performance gains from converting the forums, though the XML output is like 1/3 the size of the HTML output (which is really handy).

The only real good thing was that it...

Destructive Design > Untitled

Posted 02 January 2007

1) its for the forced tutorial you go through when you start the game. includes explanations of the game mechanics and stuff, basically answers all the questions I've been asked before by other people etc.

2) no it can't be accessed yet lols. I need a day or two more (lol, discovered I didn't code the script wizard yet, and I needs it) before its all...

Destructive Design > Untitled

Posted 01 January 2007

lol editors

Before I had to manually input the link points by hand, basically by manually grabbing them in MS Paint. That was such a shitty method, so I'm going back and re-doing my content creation stuff. To make links on the maps, you just... click on the map to set the x,y position and the size. Pretty nifty. I'm also working on some of...

Destructive Design > Untitled

Posted 30 December 2006

in b4 happy new year

Destructive Design > Untitled

Posted 26 December 2006

Whee! Pouya wanted to try setting up a subdomain on his DreamHosters account, so I ended up getting rhubarb.lepouya.com. Sweet. 1GB of storage, 100GB bandwidth with PHP5 and MySQL. Basically, everything I need to host my current project.

Now, what I really need is a name. I can't bloody come up with _ANYTHING_, so any and all suggestions are welcome....