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Stephen R

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Journal Entries

Perpetual Alpha > Evangelising till I drop

Posted 11 August 2009

Remember The Milk. Task list tool I've discovered relatively recently. Integrates beautifully with iGoogle and Gmail and a few other things that I don't use.

Also realizing how much I've missed C++, having spent so much time in C# in work and college.

Pretty short update this. I plan on going through the various abstraction layers I've had to make to...

Perpetual Alpha > Native code unit testing in VS

Posted 08 August 2009

Decided that since I was setting this up for my project anyway I'd grab a few screenshots and walk through the process of setting up testing of native code with Visual Studios testing framework.

The working name of the game is Project Baltar. So, the solution I created has that name, and I had no choice but to name the engine Gaius. No choice at all...

Perpetual Alpha > Test Driven Development

Posted 06 August 2009

Long time since I've posted. The short version of things is I'm still in college, soon to be finished, and want to do something about getting a job in games when that happens.

To that end I'm starting making a game. The design is firming up, beating it out at the moment. Technology wise DX9,C++,Boost,FMOD are some of my choices so far, but that's not...

Perpetual Alpha > Then again...

Posted 08 July 2008

... I'm not sure if this whole marching cubes thing is the best way to go about things. I want a situation where the players avatar is standing on a 'platform', and can pull a piece of ground in front up them up to form a protective shield. Or raise the ground they are standing on to be able to jump to a higher ledge, or lower the ground etc......

Perpetual Alpha > It's hip to be square

Posted 06 July 2008

So, I have had this idea bumming about for a while. Mostly involving using some of the really nice fluid simulation stuff here, especially the super-viscous fluids stuff to make some nice deformable terrain. And the game as of now should be some kind of platformer, so I think for the sake of making things easy I'm going to tie everything down to a 2d...