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Captaiz Z > Hey everybody! We're all gonna get laid ...off :(

Posted 20 November 2008

Towards the start of November you may recall reading something about THQ cutting back on their "core gamer" games and cancelling some of their higher risk unannounced titles. One of said titles was the one I was working on, and as a result I was made redundant [sad]

This came as a massive blow to me and it took ages for it to really...

Captaiz Z > Real-Time Rendering

Posted 10 September 2008

My copy of Real-Time Rendering 3rd Edition arrived today, and from what I've read so far, it is awesome! [smile]

The whole book is printed on glossy paper with colour pictures throughout and I got it at a steal from Amazon UK (pre-ordered it for only £35 ...it has since gone up to £52!). Even at the new price it is still a bargain though...

Captaiz Z > Pori nirumpa yamuta

Posted 11 August 2008

One of the most disheartening things I found about working in the games industry is that when I came back from work each day, my desire to fire up Visual Studio and just sit working on stuff through the night, like I used to, had gone. I was assured from speaking to others that the flame of graphics programming would return but I was sceptical. Work...

Captaiz Z > Captain T-Pose and his Flying Dare Devils!

Posted 30 March 2008


Crysis was great [grin]

[Edit: HL2 Episode 1 wasn't [sad] but hopefully Episode 2 will save the day]

Captaiz Z > I am Sinistar! I hunger, coward!

Posted 27 March 2008

I decided to splash out and get myself a brand new PC [cool]

My digital camera has decided it no longer likes switching on, so I'll have to make do with stock photos [sad]


It is a Shuttle SP35P2 Pro with an Intel Q6600, 4GB RAM, 8800GT 512MB running Vista Ultimate 64-Bit...