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Game Programming Gems 7

16 March 2008 - 04:27 AM

Picked up a copy of this last week and have just gotten around to sifting through the source CD. However, I can't for the life of me locate Ben Garney's Clipmapping demo (his chapter, 5.6, mentions it a good few times and it even has little "on the cd" images scattered throughout). This is a bit of a let down as that chapter was actually the main reason I bought the book. The source/demo being missing won't stop me from having a go at an implementation myself, and the book itself is great (when are GPG books ever not great? [smile]), but was still just wondering if anyone else had noticed the same thing or maybe it is just the copy I've got is gimped? [sad] Many Thanks, ViLiO

Atmospheric Scattering

22 March 2007 - 02:51 PM

I've been toying with this for most of today and I just can't get my sky to look blue [dead] I am basically trying to implement the Preetham method and have ported over his shaders to HLSL but I must have made a mistake some place. All my input values are identical to those in the Preetham demo (I removed all those slider bar things and just hard coded the sun position to noon in the Preetham demo) but my sky still comes out devoid of any blue. Screenshot of my sky Here is the effect file I wrote based on Preetham's shader
float4x4 worldViewProj : WORLDVIEWPROJ;
float4x4 world : WORLD;
float4x4 worldView : WORLDVIEW;

float3 eyePos;
float3 sunDirection;

float3 betaRayleighMie;
float3 reflectance;
float3 HGg;
float3 betaDashRay;
float3 betaDashMie;
float3 oneOverBetaRM;
float4 sunColourIntensity;
float2 termMultipliers;
float4 constants = { 1.0f, 1.4426950f, 0.5f, 0.0f };
struct VSInput
	float4 position : POSITION;
	float3 normal : NORMAL;
	float2 texCoords : TEXCOORD0;
struct VSOutput
	float4 position : POSITION0;
	float4 diffuse : COLOR0;
struct PSOutput
	float4 colour : COLOR0;
void VS( in VSInput IN, out VSOutput OUT )
	OUT.position = mul(IN.position, worldViewProj);
	float4 worldPos = mul(IN.position, world);
	float3 wDir = normalize(worldPos.xyz - eyePos.xyz);
	float cosTheta = dot(sunDirection, wDir);
	float thetaRay = (cosTheta * cosTheta) + 1.0f;
	float distance = mul(IN.position, worldView).z;
	float3 extinction = -betaRayleighMie * distance * constants.y;
	extinction = exp(extinction);
	float3 totalExtinction = extinction * reflectance;
	float thetaMie = HGg.x / pow((HGg.y - HGg.z * cosTheta), (3.0f / 2.0f));
	float3 inscattering = (betaDashRay * thetaRay) + (betaDashMie * thetaMie) * (1.0f - totalExtinction) * oneOverBetaRM;
	inscattering *= termMultipliers.y;
	inscattering *= sunColourIntensity.xyz;
	inscattering *= sunColourIntensity.w;
	OUT.diffuse = float4(inscattering, 1.0f);
void PS( in VSOutput IN, out PSOutput OUT )
	OUT.colour = IN.diffuse;
technique Sky
	pass p0
		vertexshader = compile vs_1_1 VS();
		pixelshader = compile ps_2_0 PS();
and here is Preetham's shader
; Scattering Vertex shader
; © 2002 Nathaniel Hoffman, Kenneth J. Mitchell and Arcot J. Preetham


#include "TerrainVShaderConstants.h"

; V - View direction
; L - Sun direction
; Theta - Scattering angle
; s - Distance
; E - Total extinction (including reflectance).

; Transformation.
m4x4 oPos, VPOSITION, c[CV_WORLD_VIEW_PROJECTION]	; Transform position to viewport

; Texture Coordinates.
; 0 - Normal/Horizon map
; 1 - Terrain texture
; 2 - Cloud texture

; Calculate V
m4x4 r1, VPOSITION, c[CV_WORLD]	        ; Transform position to world space
sub r1, c[CV_EYE_POSITION], r1	        ; V = eye - position
dp3 r1.w, r1, r1                        ; Normalize V.
rsq r1.w, r1.w							
mul r1, r1, r1.w
//mov oT3.xy, -r1.xy                     ; For sky, if applying texture.

; Angle (theta) between sun direction (L) and view direction (V).
dp3 r0.x, r1, c[CV_SUN_DIRECTION]       ; r0.x = [cos(theta)] = V.L
mad r0.y, r0.x, r0.x, c[CV_CONSTANTS].x	; r0.y = [1+cos^2(theta)] = Phase1(theta)

; Distance (s)
m4x4 r1, v0, c[CV_WORLD_VIEW]           ; r1.z = s
mov r0.z, r1.z							; store in r0.z for future use.

; Terms used in the scattering equation.
; r0 = [cos(theta), 1+cos^2(theta), s] 

; Extinction term E

mul r1, c[CV_BETA_1_PLUS_2], -r0.z       ; -(beta_1+beta_2) * s
mul r1, r1, c[CV_CONSTANTS].y           ; -(beta_1+beta_2) * s * log_2 e
exp r1.x, r1.x					
exp r1.y, r1.y					
exp r1.z, r1.z                          ; r1 = e^(-(beta_1 + beta_2) * s) = E1

; Apply Reflectance to E to get total net effective E
mul r3, r1, c[CV_TERRAIN_REFLECTANCE]   ;r3 = E (Total extinction) 

; Phase2(theta) = (1-g^2)/(1+g-2g*cos(theta))^(3/2)
; theta is 180 - actual theta (this corrects for sign)
; c[CV_HG] = [1-g^2, 1+g, 2g]
mad r4.x, c[CV_HG].z, r0.x, c[CV_HG].y; 

rsq r4.x, r4.x						
mul r4.y, r4.x, r4.x			
mul r4.x, r4.y, r4.x;
mul r0.w, r4.x, c[CV_HG].x              ; r0.w = Phase2(theta)

; Inscattering (I) = (Beta'_1 * Phase_1(theta) + Beta'_2 * Phase_2(theta)) * 
;        [1-exp(-Beta_1*s).exp(-Beta_2*s)] / (Beta_1 + Beta_2)

mul r4, c[CV_BETA_DASH_1], r0.y 
mul r5, c[CV_BETA_DASH_2], r0.w  
sub r6, c[CV_CONSTANTS].x, r1
mov r7, c[CV_BETA_1_PLUS_2]

add r4, r4, r5
mul r4, r4, r6
mul r4, r4, c[CV_ONE_OVER_BETA_1_PLUS_2]	; r4 = I (inscattering)

; Apply Inscattering contribution factors.

mul r4, r4, c[CV_TERM_MULTIPLIERS].y

; Scale with Sun color & intesity.
mul r4, r4, c[CV_SUN_COLOR]		
mul r4, r4, c[CV_SUN_COLOR].w	

mul r3, r3, c[CV_SUN_COLOR]		
mul r3, r3, c[CV_SUN_COLOR].w	

; Outputs.
mov oD0, r3                             ; Extinction
mov oD1, r4                             ; Inscattering
I am not calculating the final extinction factor in my effect as I am just working with the skydome and not yet the terrain so if anyone who is better at reading asm shaders than I am (which will not be hard cause I suck at reading them [lol]) can help me find the mistake I would be overjoyed [smile] Many Thanks, ViLiO

[XNA] Game Studio Express April Update Announced

08 March 2007 - 07:43 AM

XNA Team Blog
* XNA Game Studio Express o Windows Vista is now fully supported o You can now add icons to XNA Game Studio Express Games. o Incrementally deployment of Xbox 360 projects now works for all your projects (not just the last one loaded) * XNA Framework o Added Bitmap based font support o Added XACT 3D Audio support o Improvements and additions to the Math framework API’s o BasicEffect now supports per-pixel lighting o Many more changes based on your feedback! * XNA Framework Content Pipeline o Added support for Volume Textures (Texture3D) o Content builds can now be canceled o Support for “clean” builds o Added the ability to read vertex and index buffer information from Model types o Many more changes based on your feedback! * XNA Game Launcher (Xbox 360) o Game thumbnails are now displayed for your games o Improved connection-key connectivity experience between the Xbox 360 and the PC o The ability to test and diagnose the connection between the Xbox 360 and the PC * Developer sharing of packaged XNA Game Studio Express Games o Users can now package their binary games into a single file to share with other users of XNA Game Studio Express. o These files can be emailed or hosted on websites like any other files. o To run a game double click a file and it will unpack to your Windows based PC or Xbox 360 console, it’s that easy!
Looks like we'll finally be getting 3D Audio [cool] The developer sharing also sounds really cool too.

Dream Build Play [Warn-Up Announced]

31 January 2007 - 11:10 AM

The XNA Game Development contest (DreamBuildPlay) site has finally gone live. DreamBuildPlay Not too much info on there that wasn't already known. Details and info on prizes etc. are going to be announced on the 5th February but registration is open [smile] Anyone considering entering? All the best, ViLiO [Edited by - ViLiO on February 13, 2007 7:10:22 PM]

Time to equip your avatars of festivity

27 November 2006 - 11:20 AM

It is nearing that time of year again and already I am starting to see GDNet+ people putting on their Christmas avatars. The list so far (that I've seen) not including myself is ... johnhattan, Gaiiden, dcosborn, visage and I don't think JTippets took his off after last Christmas [lol] So come on, let's see some festivities around here