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#4099463 Flash Vs Flex for programming

Posted by on 13 November 2007 - 07:48 AM

Original post by d000hg
Is there anywhere which compares Flash and Flex? I had a quick search but I just got lots of results like "compare Flash/Flex to Silverlight" - I want to compare them from a developer's viewpoint.

It's a tough comparison because there is so much overlap, and because you can mix them pretty easily.

But anyway, a few things that Flex has over Flash:

Much of the Adobe API can't be used from Flash. If you look at the docs page, anything that doesn't start with "flash." can't be used from a Flash CS3 project. This includes stuff like: a suite of rich GUI widgets (this is what most people think when they think Flex), stuff for interfacing with databases, RPC, and more.

But I think the most significant difference is the difference in workflow. When coding in CS3, you have to write your code in pop-up dialog boxes (which I personally hate doing). And you attach your code to specific animations or frames, so all your snippets of code become scattered around the project like painted eggs on Easter. This works fine for simple games, but I wouldn't want to work on a large project this way.

With the Flex workflow, you get:

Choice of text editor
Ability to use source control
Easier to have multiple developers working on the same thing
Easier to share code
Better organization of your code (it's all in the same place)
On-the-fly highlighting of syntax errors (if you use Flex Builder)
Ability to write build scripts (for example, write a script that compiles and uploads to the server in one step)

#3297982 Strong AI without Neural Networks

Posted by on 11 October 2005 - 06:57 PM

Having a GA is well and good (even though it's a fantastically inefficient calculation method, think of how many computing-hours it took nature to come up with humans).

But it's only one part of the solution. It doesn't really say *what* the GA is going to actually evolve. Is it evolving PASCAL programs? Protein sequences? It could even be a GA that evolves neural networks. Pretty much any goal-directed system can be augmented with a genetic element.