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Writing Web Games > The pitfalls of User Generated Content.

Posted 12 June 2013

I've been playing around with more User Generated content in some of my casual web games recently. My sites are fairly small (thousands to low tens of thousands of daily users), so this advice probably will not hold for huge websites. In general I've found giving the users a little more freedom to create is a lot of fun. It's interesting to see what pe...

Writing Web Games > Christmas Games and the Chrome Store

Posted 16 December 2011

I've been busy reskinning games with a Christmas theme. Holiday themed games seem to do particularly well on the Google Chrome Store. The Chrome store is a great way to get free advertising for your games. Essentially everything on the Chrome Store is nothing more than a bookmark. The cool thing about it is the more people use the Chrome Store to...

Writing Web Games > Halloween Mahjong

Posted 09 October 2011

A quick reskin of my Mahjong Game (ok, it wasn't so quick), and voila. I have created Halloween Mahjong. In some ways I like it a lot better than traditional Solitaire Mahjong like I've...

Writing Web Games > Mathjong Chrome App

Posted 22 September 2011

So I've finally finished up Mathjong and I put a Mathjong Chrome App on the Google Web Store. In general I've found giving away a game app on the Chrome Store is a good...

Writing Web Games > Using a Nexus 1 with no data plan.

Posted 31 July 2011

I recently got a Nexus 1. It's my first Android smart phone (I have a Xoom Tab). What I was hoping to do was use my Nexus 1 with my AT&T plan without having to get a data plan. I've got a weird plan family share situation where I only spend $10 / month on my phone, but it has no data plan.

Get your Nexus 1 to work...