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Nightmaare Shares > Digital Dragons 2014

Posted 14 May 2014

On 8-9th May this year, third edition of Digital Dragons game industry conference happened in Kraków (Poland). I was on all of them, second time as an indie. It was the best Digital Dragons, hands down. Why? Basically, no errors have been made. This is my attempt at quite detailed coverage. Also it's reminder for myself, do's and dont's for next events,...

Nightmaare Shares > Crowdfunding for Ninja Cat PowerPack

Posted 01 December 2013

Hey, almost month ago I’ve started a crowdfunding project for extension pack to my magnum opus, Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs . Imagine Typing of the Dead mixed with speed of Super Meat Boy and bloodynes of Mortal Combat. You can play it for free, directly on my site www.koshmaar.pl

The game did quite well in the jungle ie. players liked it & ther...

Nightmaare Shares > Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs - postmortem

Posted 04 July 2013

Here I want to share some details about my first indie commercial game (you can play it here ).

Fun facts:
It took me 8 months (starting July 2012) to create it and another one to sell it.
I created half a meg of AS3 source code.
I made everything by myself, including code, design and graphics.
I used free sounds from the internet, and music from Kostya...

Nightmaare Shares > Gentle introduction to Google Analytics for Flash

Posted 28 June 2013

Being able to check out how many players play your game, from what countries, for how long, on which levels they have problems, even do they ever visit your precious Credits screen - that sounds incredibly useful, doesn't it? Fortunately, in web browser games, there's a way to get such informations. In this post I'm going to describe the process for Flash...