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Sheridan's adventures in random nonsense. > Too Many Games

Posted 20 February 2012

Copied from http://www.nonpareilstudios.com/


Shh. Top secret. Our development team is meeting many milestones lately. Honestly, it’s a lot of fun. Our current project has had so many amazing twists and turns, but it’s really starting to feel less like software and more like a child.. Is that...

Sheridan's adventures in random nonsense. > Hey hey

Posted 20 December 2011

Check out my few minutes of handiwork on nonpareilstudios.com. More to come!

Also, I like Unity a lot lately. If you haven't checked it out yet, do yourself a favor and give it a serious run through.

Sheridan's adventures in random nonsense. > Everyone loves a code counter

Posted 11 June 2011

Number of lines = 15,380, number of code files = 104, number of code-generated lines = 648, number of user-entered blank lines = 2,015, number of user-entered comments = 812

Everything is coming along nicely here!

Between my day job and side projects? Probably 70-80 hours of programming...

Sheridan's adventures in random nonsense. > Qdb

Posted 10 May 2011

Adventures in collaborative sidetracking.

Sheridan's adventures in random nonsense. > Loading screen and particle systems.

Posted 08 April 2011

Implemented background loading and two kinds of particle systems (ribbons and static). The color spectrum on the particle systems can contain any number of colors, have a general velocity to them, have randomizing rotations, and various other simple effects. The ribbons are nifty as well...