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3D free camera

22 January 2013 - 03:10 PM

Hi folks,


i am using a SDK which is based on OpenGL ES and provides me a LookAt(from, to, up) function to construct a view matrix for camera.

What i want to achieve is implement a camera which can be moved freely using mouse (looking left/right and up/down) and keyboard (moving foreward/backwar and strafe left/right).

I initially set up the camera matrix with the required vectors (from, to, up) and need to maintain theses vectors while changing the camera orientation (mouse look).

Moving is easy, i can easily change camera location (from), up vector doesn't change.

What i need are code/calculations how to "maintain" the up/to vectors once camera orientation is changed.


any help welcome ;)


A.I. for a turn-based board game ...

21 September 2012 - 06:27 AM

I've done all the programming (iOS, Android) for a game, only the A.I. is left.
It is basically a turn-based board game (see below description) with easy rules, hard to master ;)
I bet i need to use minimax, but i would like to discuss here possible solutions and strategies.

The game:
- 2 players board game , turn based
See Attachment for the playingfield

Each player has a home-base with 5 slots, inside each 3 figures (column 0 and 7)
Player1 (green) is playing from left to right and Player2 (magenta) right to left

The "~" are traps, figures moving on these fields are destroyed

On each move a player can do this:

- move 1 or more figures out a base
-> if there is a figure outside, that outside-figure is destroyed, doesn't matter friendly or not
- move figures (not in the base) 1 field to left/right,
-> 3 different moves possible: right, up-right, down-right. For top and bottom: If figure leaves the board it comes out on the other side.
e.g. figure at row=0,col=2 moving up-right will land at row=4 , col=3
-> all figures must move, there is no selective move
-> if a figure steps on a hostile figure, the hostile figure is destroyed
-> if a figure steps into hosilte base, all hostile figures inside that slot are destroyed, the figure returns to home base (same slot on the opposite side)

A player wins, once all hostile figures are destroyed.

To be honest, I've already implemented an A.I. with minimax + alpha/beta pruning, but its not playing very well.
One thing i need help is the evaluation function. I am not sure how handle it correctly.

Any help welcome!Posted Image

soccer ball physics+math

30 July 2012 - 05:25 AM

I am trying to simulate a soccer ball. I already know all the maths and physics (magnus effect, etc.).
Right now i have just an understanding problem with velocities:
the ball moves in a certain direction x,y (lets assume its not flying so no 3rd dimension) by having 2 velocities, each for x and y axis.
My problem is now that once the velocity in one direction gets zero (cuz of friction and other forces) the ball still moves on the other axis which then looks strange cuz it then starts to move only horizontaly/verticaly depending on which velocity gets zero.

Maybe someone could enlighten me ....

AI for a special board game

07 July 2010 - 03:36 AM

On the C64 I've been playing this game
a lot.

I am now thinking about to do a remake of this game and need some advices how to code the cpu player.
I've already tried the min-max algorithm with not much success.

Any ideas are welcome

Texture size

17 July 2008 - 08:15 PM

Right now i am working on a sprite engine (good old 2D) and putting the animation bitmaps in various texture files. I want to support 80%-90% of todays computers (graphic cards) so is it "safe" to use textures of size 1024x1024 ? Or even use 2048 x 1024 ? (that would make some logics in my code easy) [Edited by - AticAtac on July 18, 2008 2:36:20 AM]