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Avengers UTD Chronicles > An old-school vector graphics / neon mesh appearance effect

Posted 19 July 2014

I mentioned I am developing a turn-based space fleet combat kind of game. Think about Battlestar Galactica meets X-Com. I am explicitly referring to Battlestar Galactica and in particular to the Dradis. I always wanted a game where you are the fleet commander or admiral and your only way to relate to the battlefield is not through some ethereal camera flo...

Avengers UTD Chronicles > MVVM in SharpDX? Why not!

Posted 06 July 2014

I just started this journal in the hopes that by participating more in the community I'll be able to find the necessary motivations to work on my project. Long story short, a long time ago I started working on a 4X game and the accompanying engine. Unfortunately the scope of the project was too big for my one-man army, so I refocused on a smaller sci-fi t...