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[Advice] ... And Now for Something Completely Different! (College)

26 March 2007 - 07:11 PM

Hi, everyone. Some of you may remember me—I used to be a big poster here a few years ago. I’ve dropped back in from time to time to try to reignite my GDNet fire, but it just never quite rekindled the way it was. I was a high school freshman during the bulk of my time at GameDev.net; an overweight 15 year old with social problems who longed and dreamed to be a coder. What’s changed? Well, now I’m an 18 year old with less severe social problems (come on, as programmers we aren’t the most popular bunch!), who isn’t quite so overweight. Woo. Additionally, I’m about to make (what seems to be) the biggest decision of my life: where to go to college. I am an intelligent guy, don’t get me wrong; the problem I have is that I’ve often been too busy with extracurricular projects to focus on schoolwork. It worked out alright in the end for me, though, as I did in fact get into college—you can see my choices here (http://aculei.net/~code/college.html). Tomorrow morning (well, technically early afternoon), I’m flying up to Seattle to look at the University of Washington campus, sit in on a class, and interrogate an academic advisor in computer science. Computer Science, of course, being my intended major. (What?! Someone wants to study computer science and browses the GameDev forums?! Blasphemy!) The question I pose to you, my fellow GameDev-ers, is this: how important is the rank or prestige of your university weighed when going into the software engineering (or, you know, game development) industry? I live in San Diego, California, so the University of California schools are significantly less expensive for me to attend. Is it worth it to spend an additional $8-10 thousand a year for the out-of-state tuition of UW or UIUC? Should I choose UW’s Seattle (why, hello there, MSFT!) location over UIUC’s superiorly ranked CS department? Should I choose either of these over UC Santa Barbara’s party atmosphere and easy academics (since, of course, I wouldn’t want to hurt my chances of getting a job in this competitive industry)? I know that GameDev isn’t a resource for college-bound students who are uncertain of themselves to find the path the enlightenment, and I’m aware that no one here has, with absolute certainty, the answer for which I am looking. Your opinions, however, can help me make this choice. What do you—especially if you’ve ever been in a position to hire new college graduates—think about my situation? What should I do, and what factors should be important in my decision? Thanks (preemptively) for your help. - code

Perl Networking Tutorial?

18 August 2004 - 06:54 PM

Yes, before anyone tells me to- I've already Googled. Unfortunately, I didn't find any actual tutorials; mostly just ads. I'm just getting into Perl recently, as I thought that it was a good language to ad to my repertoire, and I'm interested in network programming. So, I ask the people who I assume know most about network programming (you guys!)... where can I find a good tutorial or two on networking in Perl?

PGP Keys!

17 August 2004 - 07:41 AM

Okay! So, I was writing an email, and I saw that my PGP Keyring was kinda frail (only about seven keys). So, I thought that hey- maybe all my darling friends on GDNet have PGP keys! So, here I am. If you have a PGP key, post it here (or at least link to it). If you don't have a PGP key, you can pick up PGP Freeware or some GPG (open source PGP encryption) and get yourself a key! Well, I'll start off...
Version: PGP 8.1 - not licensed for commercial use: www.pgp.com

Oh.. and make sure you post your public key, not your private one!

Defragmenting Questions

17 August 2004 - 05:30 AM

I'm running WinXP Home. I was just wondering how often it's good to defragment/run system scans. I usually do a defragment about once a month, but some people say it's better to defrag every week. Hell, I even know some people that defragment every night before they go to sleep. What do you guys think is the best interval to defragment? Also, do you have any other system tools that you use regularly?

Monitor Problems

04 August 2004 - 10:02 PM

My monitor is emitting a (fairly quiet) high pitched noise. It fluxuates in volume, but is really, really annoying. Any idea what it is? It's a 'GEM' monitor if it makes any difference, and it's an actual monitor- not that LCD or plasma stuff! [wink]