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Cypher's Journal > Hello? Is this thing still on?

Posted 21 July 2006

So my GDNet+ subscription will be expiring fairly soon, and I don't think I'll renew immediately. I want to be in a position where I can acutally make consistent journal updates with at least SOME content in them.

I have done some more work on my virtual texturing project in the last couple months, which has been pretty fun. I had some issues along...

Cypher's Journal > Quickie...

Posted 12 March 2006

Not much to talk about today. I've got affine texture coordinates working, and I'm definitely sure now that they'll be sufficient for my purposes. Also, I brainstormed a bit on how to manage block requests, and I've got a solution that should work fairly well. Today was a fairly unproductive week though, and it's something that I'll try and fix so that...

Cypher's Journal > Scanline Rasterization

Posted 04 March 2006

So, I'm now mostly done my rewritten scanline rasterizer. There isn't much more that I can really optimize that I can see. Right now it's fairly straightforward and simple; I don't do that many tricks to speed it up. Probably the biggest trick is the one-time calculation of edge data (e.g. dx/dy/dz and such) but even that is fairly basic. For the most...

Cypher's Journal > Filler

Posted 25 February 2006

Nothing to talk about this week. I'm redoing most of my software renderer right now, including but not limited to, switching from halfspace checking to scanline checking. Next week I'll have that finished I think, so I'll share some performance numbers then. In the meantime, here are some completely gratuitous animations of stuff.

Oh, and having to...

Cypher's Journal > Softrasters part 2 plus semi procedural textures

Posted 17 February 2006

Two parts to this: Software rasterizer update, and the rant of procedural textures.

The software rasterizing has gone well. I now have hierarchical block culling in. Basically how it works is that first for a 32x32 block it'll figure out if the block is entirely in the triangle, entirely out, or partially in. If it's entirely in, it'll simply fill the...