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Little Bee Studios - Our first game for iOS - Juice Jumpers

04 April 2013 - 10:44 AM

Hello everyone,
We would like to share some news about our first game recently released: Juice Jumpers



This project was developed by three people (designer, coder and an artist). As with any other hobby project, we have been mostly spending our weekends working on it and after two years we've finally made it!
Here are some details about it:

  • Juice Jumpers is an awesome puzzle experience brimming with a fun and innovative mixture of gameplay. At its core Juice Jumpers has taken the match-3 genre and added a layer of depth that will keep you chasing those massive score bonuses while blasting any pesky rotten fruits! 
  • Create powerful Flame, Ice and Lightning droplets to quell the wormy hords
  • Play Classic Mode at your own pace and discover clever ways to score massive points while progressing as far as your skills can take you
  • If you’re looking for a short burst of Jumper goodness then Jumper-Ware is for you. You’ll need lightning reactions for these micro-games
  • Evolve Mode is for the Jumper pros. Get massive multipliers and Jumper bonuses in the challenging twist


  • iOS (iPhone 3GS+, iPad 2+)


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4



Classic Mode




Facebook - Little Bee Studios

Facebook - Juice Jumpers

Twitter - Little Bee Studios



We are very proud of our efforts as it has been a real labour of love and hope that you will enjoy Juice Jumpers as much as we do.



Little Bees

VC++ 2005 debug question

06 January 2007 - 02:54 AM

Hello All! I wonder if there is a way to determine the object located at the given memory location while debugging C++ code under VC++ 2005 environment ? ie. lets assume we have a pointer value like 0x0223e4fe and we would like to know what object it points to (if any). Is there any magic string which can be entered into Watch so the compiler determines the object type it points to ? Or perhaps there is some another way ? Is it possible at all ? Thanks in advance!

Strange arithmetic problem

24 February 2006 - 01:12 AM

Hello, Recently, I am developing some application. When it came to implement OnMouseWheel function I came accros this problem. Here is the code:
// get scrollbar info
si.cbSize = sizeof( SCROLLINFO );
si.fMask  = SIF_ALL;
GetScrollInfo( SB_VERT, &si );

// get change ration
si.fMask = SIF_POS;

si.nPos  -= ( zDelta/WHEEL_DELTA )*si.nPage/2;

SetScrollInfo( SB_VERT, &si, TRUE );
When: zDelta = -120 WHEEL_DELTA = 120 si.nPage = 263 I got result = -2147483516 but when I change that line into:
si.nPos  -= ( zDelta/WHEEL_DELTA )*( si.nPage/2 );
everything is ok. Why is it so ? I guess there is sth to do with arithmetic operator priorites, Am I right ? Thx

const keyword

08 December 2005 - 03:01 AM

Hi all, Ok it seems to be trival question but what is the difference (there must be sth cause it works in one case and not in the other) between:
int function( void ) const;


const int function( void );
Thx in advance

Adding win32 application to startup in runtime

06 November 2005 - 09:48 PM

Hello! How can one add/remove the application to/from startup in runtime ? I would like to add such a feature in my win32 application. Thank you in advance