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dx elliot

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Stock photography is expensive..?

31 December 2011 - 09:30 PM

I am thinking of making one of those "find difference" games that compares two images for five differences to find, but I am having trouble finding decent stock photography to modify. I really like the ones on sites like shutterstock.com and iStockphoto.com, but am I reading the licensing terms correctly? There is a standard and extended license, but based on the restrictions, I would need an extended license because the Flash and free mobile app versions of my game could easily get more than 500k hits, so it would cost over a hundred dollars per photo?! Is that right?

I am willing to pay for royalty free photos, but I need over a hundred and spending more than $10,000 at this time is out of the question. Stock.xchng has a sketchy license agreement for the kind of game I am making. Any ideas?

what is a good webhost these days?

10 February 2008 - 03:07 PM

I'm looking for a reliable and inexpensive webhost that supports mySQL, PHP, and has a cpanel (if they don't all come with that) for a nonbusiness website. For years I used 1portfolio.com. But over the past couple years there have been escalated problems... Revert to old databases and thus I lose some of my screenshot entries? Ok. Go down for a couple hours about every three months? Fine. Upload files through cpanel because FTP does not work for a while? Weird. Some of my unedited PHP documents no longer work? Strange. Every hosted site (including its own) going down for a week due to router problems? Understandable. Forcing me to download a backup of my site because they're changing data centers? Hmmmmm... The backup downloading at 10k a second? No way. I guess for 13 dollars a year I got what I paid for. But I'm willing to pay more for something more reliable so do you guys have any ideas? Lots of disk space and huge amounts of bandwidth is not really a concern for me. Btw, probably with the new data center things will be ok, but If I have to manually transfer files over to a new location, then I might as well just switch to a different host now, anyways.

force unused classes to remain

02 April 2007 - 09:54 AM

I inherit all my classes from a base class and use macros CLASS_PROTOTYPE(nameofclasss) //within the class definition and CLASS_DECLARATION(nameofclass, nameofsuperclass) //in the cpp file and more in order to determine if an object is a certain type of class, is inherited from a type, and to create an instance given a string of the class name. This all works and referencing everything into a linked list is done before WinMain. It's based on the D3 SDK. However, I output all the classes and find that unused ones are never listed - the expected results, but the application I'm creating is supposed to be capable of creating an instance of a class given the name of the class. I'd like to avoid manually creating an instance of every class just to ensure that they remain in the lib files when statically linked with the .exe project. I hope that there is some kind of #pragma command or project property to force every class to remain - though that would probably bloat the .exe incredibly because of all the outside headers I'm including.

questions for lefties

14 November 2006 - 10:42 AM

About one in every ten people are left-handed. I'm right-handed so I want to know some things about you lefties when it comes to video games... Is WASD in left hand and mouse in right hand awkward? Or have you just gotten used to it? How many of you position the mouse on the left side just when playing a game or even just using the computer in general? If so then I'd like to hear your key setup. Does it feel awkward to play a first-person-shooter where the gun is strictly on the right side? How about a third person game, particulary a character using the right hand to swing a huge object while doing a flip (e.g. Rune)? Sometimes I think classic first-person-shooters featured a gun in the middle so it appealed to both parties without needing to write additional work.. little work, but still. I tend not to notice left handed characters in side-view fighting games.

Gem Towers (open source C# game)

31 October 2006 - 02:41 PM

Hi, I made this game called Gem Towers in the past couple months. An artist named Christian Oesch helped make the castle and terrain, the rest of the media was collected. It turned out.. OK I guess, but I was hoping it would be more fun. I also wanted to learn C# and I swore to myself that I would make a game and release the code... because there are very open source games in C# out there. Here are screenshots... As a mage of an island, you must defend your castle against an onslaught of invading armies. Between invasions you buy gems for each tower, each having magical powers. Tower height upgrades increase the radius of the spell and the gem quality reduces the recast delay. Download here (18mb): http://www.elliotpace.com/files/gemtowers_alpha.zip graphics card with shader model 2.0 required. I'm not sure which DirectX dlls to include so I'll wait and see from feedback. Download the C# source code here: http://www.elliotpace.com/files/gemtowers_alpha_src.zip This is alpha release and I'll be writing more gem types later. Maybe a diamond that stuns nearby bots with colorful particles, or some kind of poison gem. By the way... earlier this year I also made this game called GrimSim, but it was a flop so I never announced it until now. I've only made defense games and I'm going to change to some other genre because this one isn't working for me. You can download it at my site (see sig) under the portfolio section. Screens..