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Jason Z

Member Since 04 Feb 2004
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Chronicles of the Hieroglyph > We finally see some Hololens development details...

Posted 01 March 2016

After what seems like an eternity (but in reality was about 1 year) we now have quite a bit of information about the Hololens. Perhaps even more interesting is that we have a pretty good picture of what development for the device will look like. If you haven't seen it already, you can start looking on the Development Overview page for a good introducti...

Chronicles of the Hieroglyph > Wrapping up 2015, planning for 2016

Posted 29 December 2015

Its always a good practice to think about what you have done over the past year, and of course to think about what is coming in the next year. I have found this to be a good way to gain perspective about my various projects and activities, so I will indulge in some thinking out loud here. 2015
This year I was extremely busy at work. Normally this...

Chronicles of the Hieroglyph > Visual Studio 2013 and Graphics Development

Posted 30 March 2015

Way back when D3D9 was first released, graphics debugging and performance was a complete black art. It was really, really difficult to know what was going on, and when the graphical output wasn't quite what it was supposed to be then you really had to put on your detective hat and begin to deduce what the issue could be. It was even worse for performance...

Chronicles of the Hieroglyph > Using STL Algorithms

Posted 04 March 2015

I have a small confession to make: I have very rarely used STL algorithms, even though I know I should. There is lots of really great reasons why I should, there top C++ developers out there that tell you to use them whenever it applies, but I just don't feel 100% comfortable with them yet. With that in mind, we can explore a recent foray into the use o...

Chronicles of the Hieroglyph > Microsoft's Hololens

Posted 19 February 2015

In general, I have always been interested in computer graphics. There is lots of different problems to solve, and if you like math/geometry then there really aren't many better ways to exercise your brain than working in this area. Once you know how to take geometry and project it onto an image, it can also be quite satisfying to do the opposite - start...