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Jason Z

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In Topic: d3d12: which debug tools to use?

14 November 2015 - 09:29 AM

Are you capturing a full capture stream, or just a frame here and there when you see something wrong?  I don't think you will be able to have a full speed capture process.


Have you considered writing your own mini-capture tool that could log some info from your engine?  That way you don't need to capture every little API call, but rather it could help you zoom in on what the issue is and then you can follow up with the more heavy weight tools afterwards.

In Topic: Pixel shader does not seem to run.

04 November 2015 - 08:33 AM

There are a number of reasons that the pixel shader won't run.  Usually it is because your geometry is culled after the vertex shader by the rasterizer because of back face culling or clipping due to the geometry being outside the normalized view frustum.


In general, it isn't possible to execute without a pixel shader in D3D11.  Are you getting any error messages on the debug output?  If not, be sure that you have the debug device created - it is your first line of defense against any types of errors.

In Topic: d3d12: which debug tools to use?

04 November 2015 - 08:25 AM

I believe it is the same back end capture tooling, but you have options to run the capture outside of VS.  That may make the capture process faster, and then you can do the analysis afterwards.  I don't know if that fits your needs, but it should be a possibility to make the capture process more responsive.

In Topic: d3d12: which debug tools to use?

03 November 2015 - 03:44 PM

Have you checked out the DXCAP tool?  That seems to be an extremely efficient way to capture log files, which you can then later debug.  A general information can be found here:




In Topic: UpdateSubresource on StructuredBuffer

15 August 2015 - 06:48 AM

To follow on MJP's great advice, have you tried using the performance tools in the latest versions of Visual Studio?  They can show you a pretty good representation of the parallelism between the CPU and GPU, and will likely show you some insight into what is costing you time that stacks up in your overall frame time.