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Frisson > Yeah, me too.

Posted 13 April 2009


Frisson > GDC - the story so far

Posted 26 March 2009

I'm out here at GDC again for 2009 (my tenth GDC). My employer is paying for the trip this year, so my focus has been attending sessions of interest to them. But, I have done a few interviews and am taking notes on some sessions that are of interest to gamedev members. I will write up articles an interviews in more detail once GDC is over. The...

Frisson > GDC completion

Posted 08 March 2008


Frisson > work work

Posted 06 March 2008


Frisson > GDC 2008 - just a few sessions left to summarize

Posted 03 March 2008

More GDC content is up:

Procedural Data Generation in FAR CRY 2

That was an interesting lesson in practial procedural methods. Highly recommended, intuitive but useful advice in there.

I've also posted:

The Inter-Species Game Design Challenge, my last session from 21 February.

Ian covered the Experimental Gameplay Sessions, and I don't have anything...