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NASA-sponsored mini-game released on Steam

07 July 2010 - 04:20 AM


Our NASA-sponsored mini-game, "Moonbase Alpha" was released yesterday on Steam. The mini-game is free. Check it out!

Steam link to game

Moonbase Alpha Game Website

NASA webpage describing the game

Prototype NASA game to be released on Steam next week

30 June 2010 - 10:23 AM

My company is partnering with NASA to develop a NASA-themed MMO. It'll take quite a while to complete the full MMO. In the meantime, we have developed a gameplay prototype/proof-of-concept mini game, and finally received approvals to release it. It'll be released on Steam next Tuesday, 6 July, 2010. It will be free. You can find the NASA press release here:

NASA Invites Journalists, Video Game Experts To Review Online Game

LaTeX - based equations in gamedev.net forums

23 February 2010 - 11:55 AM

Folks, There is a sticky thread in another forum that shows how you can embed fancy LaTeX-based equations in your forum posts. That functionality seems really beneficial to the math & physics forum so I'm linking to the other thread here. Here is a link to that thread: LaTeX - math equations support? There is another service available that can also do this. Here is an example using the other service: And the HTML code to put in your post for that example is:
<img src="http://www.forkosh.dreamhost.com/mimetex.cgi?\int_{-\infty }^{\infty }e^{-x^{2}}\;dx=\sqrt{\pi }"/>

(Personally I find the image generated by the service mentioned in the other thread to be a bit prettier.]

List of physics engines and reference material (updated 7 March 2011)

12 December 2007 - 04:56 AM

Someone suggested that it might be useful to have a sticky list of physics engines and reference material available here (for convenience...the info is all available elsewhere). So, I am giving it a try.This thread is not for discussions. It is simply meant to contain links to commonly-requested information. I'll leave the thread open for contributions, but I will remove anything that is remotely off topic or tangential. Add links, but do not discuss!
-------------------------------------------------Commercial Physics Engines (usually written in C++)-------------------------------------------------
Note that most of these have license options that are attractively priced for indie and hobby developers.

Havok (3D, free for non-commercial and inexpensive commercial PC games, fee-based for games above a price limit, non-game applications, and consoles. Download available from Try Havok.)
NovodeX (see Ageia PhysX)
Ageia PhysX (previously NovodeX, now NVIDIA PhysX)
NVIDIA PhysX (previously Ageia PhysX) (3D, free for PC-based games, free for PS3 through Sony pre-purchase, fee-based for other consoles)Oxford Dynamics (3D, vehicle sim - appears to be dead...)
Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) from Pixelux Entertainment (3D, fee-based licensing)
SPE Simple Physics Engine (3D, free for noncommercial, fee-based for commercial)
Chrono::Engine (3D, free for noncommercial use, fee-based for commercial)
True Axis (3D, free for noncommercial, fee-based for commercial with a reasonable indie license option)
Gino van den Bergen's SOLID collision detection library (3D, fee-based for commercial, open sourced for GPL/QPL projects)
SimVex - (previously simul-X) Addon library for Havok enabling game-quality vehicle creation of any configuration, cars, motorcycles, aircraft, etc.
CarX - CarX is a car physics engine for AAA racing games. (3D,C++,fee-based licensing)

-------------------------------------------------Open Source and Freeware Physics Engines-------------------------------------------------
Bullet (3D, open source Zlib license)
Open Dynamics Engine (3D, open source BSD license)
Box2D (2D, open source permissive Zlib license)
Tokamak Physics (3D, open source BSD license - Sourceforge Link)
Newton Game Dynamics (3D, custom free-use license)
JigLib (3D, open source Zlib license)
Chipmunk (2D, open source unrestrictive MIT license)
Open Tissue (various, open source Zlib license)

------------------------------------------------------------XNA-Compatible ports------------------------------------------------------------
JigLibX - XNA port of JigLib (previously JiggleX)
Bullet for XNA

------------------------------------------------------------Other ports------------------------------------------------------------
JigLibFlash - port of JigLib to Flash via ActionScript 3

------------------------------------------------------------"Abstraction Layers" that support multiple physics engines------------------------------------------------------------
Open Physics Abstraction Layer - OPAL (is this dead?)

-------------------------------------------------Technical References (most are quite advanced)-------------------------------------------------
Tutorial presentation materials on game physics from GDC (Essential Math) A good starting point for beginners
Kenny Erleben's Ph.D Thesis on Multibody Dynamics Simulation
Article on Sweep-and-Prune collision detection by Pierre Terdiman
Dr. Jan Bender's page on impulse-based dynamics, with papers and a downloadable library
Claude Lacoursière's Ph.D Thesis on multibody dynamics simulation
Advanced Character Physics - Thomas Jakobsen (often referenced)
Position-Based Dynamics by Muller et al
Links to various papers by David Baraff et al

-----------------------------------------------------------Links to other physics directory/resource/wiki/blog sites-----------------------------------------------------------
Hardwire's Game Physics Resources
Erin Catto's Physics Weblog
Christer Ericson's Real-Time Collision Detection website (companion to his book)
David Eberly's Geometric Tools website - home of the Wild Magic game engine as well as numerous technical articles and useful code

the updated forum FAQ

25 July 2006 - 05:27 AM

Folks, I have made some edits to the Forum FAQ. Mostly to correct broken links (perhaps not all of them), and fix outdated information about physics middleware and freeware. I invite you to review the FAQ. Let me know what you like, or don't like, what you'd like to see added, any mistakes or problems you find. Know that I'm not going to change the homework policy for now. Its hard to enforce exactly, and is quite subjective, but I continue to believe in the philosophy I put in there in the beginning. And it is my official choice, as forum moderator. I'd love to fill out the Technical FAQ section a bit...perhaps add good links for a few additional questions related to game development. Let me know if you have suggestions. Any suggested links will be subject to my personal review, and for technical references I will be extremely critical before posting it here. Hmmmm....one last question. Does anyone know what is up with the Open Dynamics Engine domain, www.ode.org? Its been down (I believe) for at least a couple of days. The sourceforge page still exists, but I'm wondering if Russ has given up on hosting the ODE domain.... Is everything on the Wiki @ Sourceforge now?