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In Topic: don't get too comfortable

18 May 2015 - 01:59 PM

Even if it does take off, it's entirely a game design problem. Production, whether it's the engineering side or the art side, won't change even slightly.


Yes, it will. A few I could think of:


  • Normal mapped lighting doesn't work well in VR, because with stereo vision you can see the surface is flat.
  • Tricks like always drawing users weapons/hands over all geometry (e.g. Half Life 2) are horrible in VR.
  • Maintaining a consistently high FPS (90+) is of very high priority.

Anyway, In general I'm a big fan of VR. It really opens up a lot of possibilities. Feeling like you're there (to an extent) really changes the feeling of a game. Enemies I wouldn't have thought intimidating suddenly are, eye contact evokes a reaction, exploring is suddenly interesting and so on. I'm expecting to see some really interesting games/demos over the next two years (although I have no doubts it will remain niche in that time).

In Topic: [UNITY] Problem with 2d colliders in unity game.

11 March 2015 - 01:41 PM

This could be because the arrow is traveling so fast it's going entirely through the rock in a single frame. It depends how fast the arrow is traveling and the size of the colliders. I'd advise making the arrow slow to eliminate that possibility first.


Two other things I noticed:

You have a 2D collider on the rock - does the arrow also have a 2d collider? I'm not sure if 2D/3D colliders are compatible.

There's a warning on the game object you've selected (in the first screenshot) about the collider, that might also be the reason.

In Topic: UI auto-adjustment based on available space.

19 February 2014 - 10:45 AM

You're asking difficult questions...you might get more answers if you are able to break it up into separate problems and focus on one at a time.


I haven't fully analyzed what you are saying above, and I haven't fully analyzed your code but I have the feeling that you're making an incorrect assumption somewhere. I don't have a specific answer but I have some guesses and some more general advice.


the UI is always 1024x768, and I cannot adjust this resolution at run time


This sounds strange to me...if you are using Daikon forge and if it is similar to NGUI then when you use a 'fixed size' it's actually just means that it's using a constant 'virtual' pixel height, but the width of the screen is free to change. If so and your problem boils down to converting screen pixels to those 'virtual' pixels all you need to is something like: 

    float pixelPositionToVirtualPosition(float f)
        return f * (virtualScreenHeight/Screen.Height);

This will convert a screen pixel position into a NGUI position, and you can also write a function to do the reverse.


When you say something like this:


The problem result is that when I have more than enough space for the larger UI, it does not appear


or this:


I've tried 10-20 different ways of calculating it, including using the whole screen's width and height to determine the aspect ratio and a bunch of other stuff....I'm really out of things to try right now.


It makes me think that you're developing using trial and error. If you've thought logically about how the object should be positioned (could help to test the equations on paper first), and it doesn't end up where you think it should then you need to find out why before trying another solution. Use Debug.Log or print statements, or the debugger. Use divide and conquer to find the point at which your code is breaking down, then fix it.

In Topic: Billboard issue in front of 3D object

25 November 2013 - 02:38 PM

With shaders you might be able to change the depth testing offset factor (see http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Components/SL-CullAndDepth.html ) of the scenery to 0 - if I'm understanding the documentation properly this would make the scenery all screen facing in terms of depth, but I'm not sure if it would introduce any other problems.

In Topic: Billboard issue in front of 3D object

25 November 2013 - 11:55 AM

That's an interesting problem.


My first thought would be to not use full camera facing billboards, instead use normal quads that are orthogonal to the ground and put the texture on there. You'd still want them to billboard on the y axis however. The side effect of this would be that the sprites would look shortened vertically when viewing from above, so to compensate for that you'd have to stretch the quads vertically dependent on the camera angle. I can't think of any reasons immediately why this wouldn't work, and it seems preferable to messing with shaders.


I will elaborate if it's not clear what I'm saying.