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Arauna2 path tracer announcement

12 November 2013 - 09:41 AM

Hi all,


I posted a demo of the new Arauna2 renderer on ompf2.com:



A youtube of the demo can be found here:


A higher quality version of the video can be downloaded as well (warning: large; 850Mb):



And finally, the demo, which requires a decent CUDA device and 64-bit windows:



Arauna2 is an interactive path tracer, which produces images using a random process. As a result, images contain noise, which will fade away as the pixel values approach the 'expected value'. Arauna2 has been optimized to produce decent quality images very quickly, and converges to high quality images in seconds. It is intended for architectural walkthroughs, but something involving games would be even more awesome. As you can see in the demo, we are not there yet, sadly.


I believe Arauna2 is currently the fastest path tracer, but that is of course strongly dependent on requirements. Main limitation is the fixed shading path, which supports the full Phong model, specular, dielectrics, textures, normal mapping and emissive surfaces, as well as every sensible combination of those. Illumination is provided using light emitting surfaces, meshes, point lights, spotlights (including IES profile support) and directional lights.


- Jacco.

Ray Tracing Blog & Forum

22 May 2013 - 01:39 PM

Hi all,


I am not sure how many of you know about this forum:


It started as a replacement for the great ompf forum, which focuses on ray tracing, both from an academic point of view and more hobyist oriented. Obviously you are welcome to join this forum to stay updated on the latest and greatest advances in ray tracing, both real-time and off-line.

Recently (as in: today smile.png ), we added a blog, which will provide daily (hopefully) news from ray tracing land. Url:



Hope to see you there,

- Jacco.


EDIT: fixed url to blog.

IOTD not showing

28 January 2012 - 06:00 AM

An IOTD that I posted yesterday is now on the frontpage, but the image itself is broken (I'm on Chrome).
Related to this: It took me an hour to post the IOTD. Based on earlier experiences, I copy-pasted the largest text portions prior to hitting 'preview' or 'save', because in Chrome, both buttons lead to disaster. I had to revert to IE to post, and even then, it took two attempts...

Image of the day

06 July 2008 - 05:11 PM

People, I have a small comment on the IOTD mechanism: Today, an iotd that I posted four days ago was added to the gallery along with 5 others. This is not ideal. I suspect that most people primarily check the three images on the front page, which could lead to less exposure than I hoped for. In this case it's work from students of mine that I am particularly proud of, so I would like them to have proper air time. I'm sure the other 5 posters would like that too... Could the current system be adjusted to be more similar to the (late) Flipcode.com system? Kurt always kept a queue, so if 6 iotds would be available, he would have 6 unique iotds for a period of 6 days. Everybody happy: The site gets a daily update (I personally look at iotds before anything else, so that's relevant), and authors get exclusive attention for a full day. The only drawback I see is that if the queue is long, you have to wait. But that's often the case with the current system as well. So: A pledge for better handling of the iotds... For many authors, it's the primary way of getting some exposure. Don't take it away. :) - Jacco.

GPU & CPU hardware books?

25 March 2007 - 10:06 PM

Not sure if this fits in this forum, but here goes: I'm preparing a course for a game academy in the Netherlands on CPU, GPU and overall system hardware. I searched amazon for books on the topic, and as you can image, there's plenty, but it's not exactly game-oriented. Perhaps I should just use one of the more generic books, but perhaps there's something better. So, question: Does anyone know of any good books that describe computer systems, CPU's and GPU's from a game developers viewpoint? Topics that I have in mind are: - Data bus - Cache - RAM/VRAM - Latencies Etc. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! - Jacco.