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Dave, The Mystical Workings Of... > Caekpi

Posted 09 December 2006

hmm Caekpi

What do you think?

Dave, The Mystical Workings Of... > Logging and Documentation

Posted 21 September 2006

Only a quick update today...

I have finished the first write of my error logging system. This is more of an appendage to the error handler in that it gets handed errors by the handler and writes them to the output file.

For the first time i have used Doxygen to dynamically create the documentation for the project. For those of you...

Dave, The Mystical Workings Of... > Unicode and Error Handling and Other Stuff

Posted 20 September 2006

During my latest session of GUI programming i have been working out whether or not to cater for multi-byte as well as Unicode. Unicode is pretty much a must nowadays, especially for me during this project because i want to support multiple languages in the GUI.

The conclusion i have arrived at is both multi-byte and unicode should be supported....

Dave, The Mystical Workings Of... > A Great Escape From Reality

Posted 09 September 2006

In my opinion its been long since i have found an arcade game completely addictive. Recently i was introduced to Albatross 18, a great FREE golf game, japanese style.

The idea is that you start off with a generic character called Scout. Each character has certain attributes:

- Power
- Control
- Accuracy
- Spin
- Curve

As you play rounds of golf...

Dave, The Mystical Workings Of... > It's been a long time since...

Posted 09 September 2006

Well it has been freakin ages since i posted anything here and so i thought it was about time to.

Recent times has been littered with starting and not finishing small projects. This has mainly been because i have been busy with uni work.

For those of you that don't know, i am reading Computing for Real Time Systems. This is a very code heavy degree. I...