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Member Since 23 Mar 2004
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Topics I've Started

[web] WebGL low level library wanted

07 October 2011 - 01:29 AM


What I'd really like, is a low level WebGL library which provides some (approximate) equivalents of the operations that we had under OpenGL 1, a fragment shader which approximates (at least some of) the OpenGL 1 fixed pipeline, and a vertex shader which approximates the OpenGL1 transformation system, and some of the glu functions.

Basically, I'd really like to be able to do things like we can in OpenGL 1:

the matrix functions

And parameters
Lighting functions
something equivalent to the texture functions (gltexcoord, gltexmode etc)

I realise that these things are all POSSIBLE now, but that they effectively require writing shaders and setting shader variables instead of the fixed-pipeline way. It is more complicated :)

I don't think it's necessarily a good idea for such a library to duplicate exactly the ogl1 transform, lighting and texture model, but something reasonable which is easy to use.


What I don't want is some complicated rendering library or game-engine which takes over everything.

Any ideas?


Evil misleading ads

21 September 2006 - 01:17 AM

Hi, I have nothing against Gamedev.net taking advertising to bring in revenue - indeed this helps to support our community. But when I see ads such as this: Which links to a page like this: Dodgy win32 antivirus thing I am deeply suspicious. This advert and ones like it are deliberately misleading attempting to get users to install a win32 executable, which seems likely to contain (at least) spyware itself, under the auspices of a security application. Moreover, these adverts always claim that the user's PC is infected, often naming real viruses / trojans etc, which they claim your machine is infected with (this is usually not the case). Does gamedev.net have any control over which ads are shown to its users? Does it have an ethical advertising policy at all or does it accepts ads from all comers regardless of their intentions? Mark

[web] Request for comments: web screenshot application

31 August 2006 - 01:21 AM

Hi all, I've written a little application which makes thumbnails / screenshots of web pages. I've put up a demo of this prototype, here: http://screencap.gensortium.com/ I would appreciate it if you would test it (perhaps on your own site) and let me know what you think. Would this be useful as an ASP style service? Cheers Mark

BUG: last post time/date on gathering forums shown wrong

26 July 2006 - 10:38 PM

Hi, I've noticed that if you add one or more Gathering forums to your favourite forums, the last post date is shown wrong on some of them. What I'm seeing is the same last post date for two different gathering forums, one of which hasn't been posted in for ages. Mark

Problems replying to threads / posting

24 May 2006 - 09:52 PM

Hi there, I'm having trouble repling to threads using Firefox 1.5 Nothing appears to happen when I press the submit button when I reply or post. Nothing relevant on the javascript console that I can see. The only way I can post this is by using the DOM Inspector to change the submit from type=button to type=submit. Mark