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In Topic: Unmaintainable code

27 April 2014 - 02:21 AM

Wow theres one hell of an if statement in there:



In Topic: loop break

27 April 2014 - 02:15 AM

I love it!

What does it do?

In Topic: Applications vs. Webapps

27 April 2014 - 02:02 AM

Biggest advantage for native apps is higher speed, read this for instance:


In addition, not all native (advanced) features are availible to webapps.


Another reason for choosing native apps is that it will get some free promotion from the Google Play/App store. If you build an webapp youll need to do your own advertising. The advertising itself will be easier for a webapp however and with the large amount of applications in the app stores your native app will most likely get only a slight attention the first day when it appears in the 'new apps' category.


There are pros and cons for each, ultimately you might just want to write 3/4 apps: webapp, android and ios (and perhaps windows)

This depends on the succes of your app.

In Topic: Game state management (C++)

30 July 2013 - 06:21 AM

Yeah you are right, guess I'll have to make a couple of small changes to my code.

I want it to work as easy as possible, implementing a new state at this moment only requires me to have new code files for the state, but guess ill just need to implement

some kind of enumeration somewhere that has all possible states.

In Topic: future game development

21 May 2013 - 11:05 AM

You should start by defining what you actually want to achieve, as soon as you have this clear you can ask more specific questions.

For instance, do you want to produce apps for the iPhone? In that case Objective C is the way to go and I would advice to get yourself a mac and use Apple's tools for the production. For Android, Java is the way to go and Eclipse is a good tool (IDE) to use. For Windows/Linux programming, I would advice to start with something like Python and perhaps move on to C/C++ later on. If you want to focus purely on Windows and especially applications and not games, I think C# is by far the best choice for a language in combination with the excellent Visual Studio IDE.


Although these are rough generalisations and are open for debate (better not :) ), I just want to point out there is no such thing a 'the' best language or tool. It totaly depends on your requirements.